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Official Discussion Thread for "ESOTU Console Launch Update"

  • drumstyle43
    Soul Shriven
    Ik keep getting a server isseu no peue
  • RubberSpaghetti
    Soul Shriven
    Some of us still can't even login, and I can't even get customer support to help me out
  • ArcVelarian
    It'd be nice if you guys would now pay attention to PC/Mac. For one thing, PvP is in DESPERATE need of attention in terms of the servers, bugs, balance, and the rampant exploiting/cheating.
    Murphy's Law of PvP : If it can be abused and or exploited, it will be abused and or exploited.
  • oiramzamub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I buy the imperial and explorer pack for Xbox one and I cannot craft imperial gear and the explorer pack is not available. I hope you guys fix the problem. I'm still enjoying the game. Thanks!
  • oimysize
    Soul Shriven
    I keep getting kicked out of the entire game after about 5 minutes of loading it up. Whats wrong? It was fine before this update!
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