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Very small irritance, but growing more annoying as time goes.

Whenever I open the launcher and then close it for whatever reason (manually click the X, launch the game, anything), it acts like it closes but the Taskbar icon for it next to the clock is still there. Only until I mouse over the icon does it finally go away. The thing is, if I open ESO and play it 9 times in a day, I'll have 9 of those icons on the taskbar until I mouse over them.

Again very small/minor irritance, but it indicates that Windows for some reason doesn't acknowledge that the game is in fact closed until I mouse over the icon. Anyone know what's going on? It's been like this since I reinstalled the game for ESOTU, but it's never been a big enough problem for me to report.
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  • Mortelus
    I also get this, but I am not sure if it is actually anything to worry about or not. I think it may just be a time delay, because I have had task manager open and have seen only one instance of my launcher open and then done the same as you, even though I had ESO icons in my taskbar thing, only one instance was running in task manager.
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  • Wily_Wizard
    This is a Windows problem. I've seen it do it with NVidia and with many other programs.

    Here's a POST about it on Stack Overflow
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