Someone make a Anti-spam

Hi, will someone PLEASE make a anti-spam filter that can also put guild spams there.

I have tryed all the anti-spams from and none of them works.

Im going crazy, seriously. I could just remove the Zone chat, but, that is kinda wrong, then i cant help people when they ask for help.
  • Garion
    Just ignore the people spamming. As in actually use the ignore list...
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  • Elsonso
    What is considered "spam" to you?

  • Trollwut
    Do you mean guild invitations or guild CHAT?

    Because you can deactivate the guild chat of a whole guild by right-clicking your chat.
  • redspecter23
    It's a band aid solution at best. I'd suggest we dig down to the root of the problem and figure out why guilds advertise in zone to begin with as well as why people use zone for grouping and buying/selling. The real problem is that the in game tools provided for all those things are either non existent or don't work or are perceived as not working which is essentially the same as not working.

    We need more in game tools for things like this so that chat is not the fastest, easiest way to accomplish those goals.
  • Fyrakin
    I don't mind any chat in zone as long as its not a wall of text for advertisement purposes. If it repeats every few minutes it may become annoying to the point when I consider using ignore feature. Definition of spam is quite different for everyone and to deal with it you would have to use AI adapted to the user, which is by far not what you can do with lua. In other words - do whatever game has to offer to deal with it.
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    No Thank You is a pretty good addon that deals with a lot of spam, try that.
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  • DarkBones
    Trollwut wrote: »
    Do you mean guild invitations or guild CHAT?

    Because you can deactivate the guild chat of a whole guild by right-clicking your chat.

    No, i mean guild advertise in zone chat are anoying :(
  • Ayantir
    I've started to build an anti spam into pChat, I was planning to add guild spam support , but never finished it.
    Will try to go further this week.
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