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Roll Call - Calling all guilds! Help spread this addon!

Greetings fellow walkers.

This is not a spam post! I am humbling requesting the community consider the following addon in their guilds and groups as it requires others having it installed to support the group functionality.

What is it?

This is a group-supported addon which enables /roll functionality as you might be familiar with from other games. The default mode is to do a roll out of 100 and post the result to group along with your name. You can also do /roll 10 or /roll 50 to roll out of 10 or 50, and there is an option to set the default mode when just typing /roll by itself. Example: Mk37fmO.jpg

The group posting is handled through the addon and output via system message so there is no way to "fake it," especially since ZOS removed the ability to colorize text with chat codes (the message outputs in gold text, being a system message).

Additionally, there are several "RP" modes available. For example, typing /roll 6, /roll 12, /roll 18, or /roll 24 will toss 1, 2, 3, or 4 Wooden Dice, respectively. The output of these "special" rolls is also somewhat different. Example: rEG1xUR.jpg

There is also a coin mode available using /toss. Example: z9zgJN5.jpg

The icons WILL be shown in group as well, but the whole message will only go to group members that actually have the addon installed, which is why I would like to get more using it! (Even if you aren't in a group you will still see your own results.)

One more thing (also useful for RP), is the option to output the results to the ACTIVE chat instead of group. I bold "active" because it does exactly that. It starts a new post to whatever chat you are in (group, say, guild, zone, etc.), and you can then hit enter again to post it. (NOTE: You have to hit enter to post it as ZOS prevents addons from actually posting the message they generate to chat to prevent addon-generated spam.)

What you can do for example is type /e or /emote to go into emote mode then type /roll or /toss with whatever options, and the addon will create an emote string for you with the results. Example:


So, there you have it! Tell your guildmates today, so we can see more coins and dice in group chat!

Download at Roll Call
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