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looking for a active questing/pve guild


most of my guilds have not been active im looking to change to a more active one probley one that has a range of players because even though i have had the game pre-launch i dont grind so im still a lvl 32 please post a advertisment for your guild here if you want me to join

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  • Nestor
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    We have over 420 members and a decent Roster online most times of the day. Our members range from L3 just starting out wet behind the ears to grizzled VR14 veterans of the psychic wars and everything in between. We are laid back and don't require anything of our members but to have fun and help each other out when you can. We do regular events running dungeons and achievements so you don't have to handle that content on your own, if you don't want to.

    If your interested, send me an email in game, that way I have your account name (and it autocompletes in the Roster if I have read the mail) and I can get you on board this evening.

    Also, the section our recruitment thread is in is where you will find other guilds that are recruiting, just in case we are not what your looking for.
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  • Madness1
    Well, why not check these two guilds out, both of them I belong to and are great for what you're looking for:
    WEB - A multi-faction guild that has members at various points through the game, I myself are around the same level as you as I play the same way (complete every quest in an area and read everything before I move on). It's mostly a guild of solo players that's not into PVP but if you're looking for a social guild that's dedicated to events and that's based into the art of stealing and assassination, then this is for you.

    The Nephilim - A guild that's full of dedicated members belonging to the EP, it does require an interview to join but once you're in it's a great guild for both PVP and PVE at all times of the day with at least one member doing each. They're are also very social and seem to know their stuff related to the TES lore as well as many areas in ESO, with members in various stages through the game.
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  • EllieBlue
    Check out also The Spirit of Nirn. Our website is We are a multi faction guild with currently 270 members and growing slowly and steadily. Our members are very friendly, helpful and really easy going. You can try us out if you like and apply either on our website or contact me in-game @ellieblue.

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