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Sneak attack and nightblade... ?


I'm new and I noticed that sneak + heavy attack is really powerfull.. But.. I did the same thing with the cloak of the nightblade + heavy attack and I found that really weak.. The ennemy doesn't take more damage and isnt knocked down..

So I was wondering : The cloak is only useful to escape ?? there isn't any advantage of activating it just before attacking someone ?? :neutral:

Thank you !
  • Yakidafi
    You will not get the initial dmg gain as when you are sneaking.

    Shadow cloak has its benefits.

    Works with veiled attack for example.
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  • xJeremx
    Thank you for your answer !

    I checked the others skills but veiled attack is the only one which need the cloak to have a better effect isn't it ?
    and go with sneak + heavy and only then cloak + veiled attack isn't much better ?

    I didn't test it in PvP but in PvE I think sneak attack is just amazing ! The ennemies are knock down and left with 25% hp in one heavy hit :o I think that is really bad that cloak doesn't provide this effect..

    (sorry for my english it's not my mothertongue :p )
  • zeitzbachrwb17_ESO
    You can use it with Snipe and morphed cloak to force 100% Crit snipe since the effect is proc'd when the arrow lands so you can just cloak while the projectile is in motion and bam!
  • xJeremx
    This is useful to know! Thanks !
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