Looking for ACTIVE and SOCIAL pvp/pve guild-AD/NA

Soul Shriven
So I'm fairly new to eso but not the mmorpg scene. Fairly low level as of yet (29 about to tick to 30 kahjit nighblade) but I'm looking for a tight knit and good group of folks to run with. I mostly work nights so my playtime is usually after 11 pm eastern time so I'm assuming if I were to have any luck that it would probably be with west coast cats or otherwise likeminded night owls such as myself :p Either way I really just want to find some good people because I haven't yet been able to delve too much into the online aspect of eso but otherwise very much enjoy the game relative to other mmorpg's I've played (swtor, rift, and wow being my main experiences.) I mean come on, an mmorpg where leveling isn't a depressing grind in which I'm asking myself what the hell I'm doing with my life, I mean what's not to love! :sunglasses: Well swtor wasn't too bad but I digress. Let me know if anyone has a suggestion, thanks!
  • RavenSworn
    Head over to the guilds forum mate, you'll have better luck and more choices.

    Or you can lookout for @MissBizz or @Nestor and join us the lone wolfs xD
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  • SLy_Kyti
    Hiya Gnarly!
    Since you're a late nighter like myself, I invite you to check out Blades of Vengeance. Though mostly Aussies and Oceania players, there's a goodly amount of us 'mericans in the mix. Always a nice group of 25 or 30 online with a full raid of 24 or more during PvP nights.
    We've been welcoming a lot of new and returning players lately, helping answer questions and grouping for content.

    Check the page in these ESO forums > http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/155025/blades-of-vengance-na-oceanic-pve-pvp-endgame-casual-mature#latest

    Or the website >http://bov.shivtr.com

    You can also contact @Scamandros or @RansynBloodway in game. Good luck, and welcome to ESO.
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