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[Rogues Folio] Thieves' Maps (All Cities) & Thievery Guide [Updated 1/14/16]

  • Anemonean
    Added pickpocketing, looting containers, and fencing/laundering/paying bounties to the guide. First post updated accordingly
    Edited by Anemonean on January 26, 2016 7:17AM
    Calling all thieves, check out my Lockbox maps:

    Also announcing the all new Legerdemain & Thievery guide:

    And an all new work of fiction based on the maps:
  • Beardimus
    Have to say this is a wicked resource, opened up a whole new aspect of the game to me, developed a mule into an Alt just for this. And its profitable!! Well worth donating a few bucks on Patreon to support the author
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  • markisimo1nub18_ESO
    I would love to own a physical published Journal style edition of this
  • onmarla_ESO
    Simply fabulous!!
  • j3crow
    This is amazing. Thank you for your efforts
  • EarthenPillar
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Super useful. Any chance you'll update for Vvardenfell?
  • happymaarit
    I love your work! <3
  • bongtokin420insd16
    Very cool.
    Purple Gang, New Scrolls Order. Daggerfall Wolves, Harbingers
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  • iood
    Soul Shriven
    Hi. Not sure if you are still maintaining this. and thanks for the great work.

    Just a little note, on your Graht-Oak map, the embassy is empty. But unless I am mistaken it contains 1 high level mark.

    The one on the balcony (outlaw) is 95% chance for first attempt (with khajiit passive).
  • iood
    Soul Shriven
    Also you suggest "Launder only 1 Gold valued goods like provisioning ingredients for maximum Legerdemain exp with the least cost". However, it results in a net gold loss for players without ESO+ on crafting items (for example style materials).

    It is more cost-effective to launder white justice items and immediately sell them to an NPC merchant that is present in a hideout for the same 40 gold that you paid to launder the item.
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