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Bound Armaments/Aegis

Since the latest Update, Sorcs can finaly use Costumes with active Bound Armaments/Aegis. Thanks for this.
But what about give us the Option to make Bound Armaments/Aegis invisible? I spend so much time to color my Armor and i cant see it after joining a Dungeon because its mandatory to use Bound Armaments/Aegis as a Sorc.
Every other Class can run around how they like but Sorcs are allways the grey Guys.
  • jluceyub17_ESO
    Since when did Bound Aegis become mandatory? I've cleared Sanctum, VDSA and a bunch of Vet pledges without using it ever post-1.6/2.0. I do use lightning form whenever I know a big hits coming or if there's a big trash pull, it provides more armor/spell resist and AoE damage.
    Edited by jluceyub17_ESO on April 8, 2015 8:30PM
  • Maddux
    If you cleared Sanctum, you maybe should know that you use it for the 8% Stamina/Magica and not for the Armor/Spellresistens.
    And not every Sorc uses Lightning Form for Mitigation. Some use it to increase there DPS. But i never cleared Sanctum. Who am i to give you Advices?
  • Ace_SiN
    Bound armor should look similar to this, not like a normal purple suit of heavy armor. Make it more "ghostly" and transparent or just allow us to make it invisible.

    Edited by Ace_SiN on April 11, 2015 10:15AM
    King of Beasts

  • newtinmpls
    Cool look ^^^

    I play many sorcs and only about 1/2 of them use buond armor or lighting form (and their mophs).

    I do hate the 30-ish level bound armor though at that level looks just horrible. Like bits of metal over a badly made lycra outfit. My Orc/Tank/Sorc is sooooo looking foward to when it upgrades.
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  • Mettaricana
    i use bound but at same time i'd like it to either be black or black and red aswell as i think it should offer more defense and more dmg to heavy attacks. atleast have defense scale up with rank so for light armor users it actually matters and for sorc tanks it can actually help
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