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Skilled Tracker passive?

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone.

I'm coming to you with a question: In the Fighter's Guild skill line... does the Skilled Tracker passive skill also affect other passive skills? That is, make the Slayer and Banish the Wicked passives also work on Werewolves?

Not sure about that since the Skilled Tracker passive says "when using Fighter's Guild abilities", which I think means to the actives, and I don't use any of those.
  • snowmanflvb14_ESO
    it supposedly means all of them including the passives. However, I have never run a test to confirm this myself just gone by what others have stated in the forums
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  • milesrodneymcneely2_ESO
    I'd love to know the answer to the OPs question as well.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    All I know is when I use Evil Hunter, Werewolves die a lot faster than if I don't use it. And, that's enough for me. So, you should have to have Evil Hunter slotted and activated to get the FG bonuses on damage to Werewolves

    For the Ultimate, go kill a werewolf without using Light or Heavy Attacks and see by how much your ultimate goes up as compared to a regular mob.
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  • Natjur
    Took a while to retest this, but Gain X Ultimate from killing a werewolf works.
    Tried to test Slayer passive on werewolf but found it hard to test.

    But since Banish the Wicked works, I would say Slayer does as well
  • SunDrenched
    Just tested it, and yes, Skilled Tracker causes Slayer to work on werewolves.

    Note that Slayer itself affects all skills, not just the Fighters Guild skills.
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