House Annunaki, The Largest Vampire Guild in ESO presents BITE THE WORLD 2!!!

We had so much success with BITE THE WORLD we have decided to do it again! After nearly a year, House Annunaki returns with BITE THE WORLD 2!

This 2 day long event at The Riften Docks had so much success last year with write ups in The Tamriel Chronicle and PC Gamer Magazine that we hope to make this years event EVEN BIGGER! EVERYONE in the Ebonheart faction is invited to come to The Riften Docks on Saturday and Sunday April 4th and 5th 2015 to get a FREE VAMPIRE BITE!!

Write Up In PC Gamer:

For full details please see our website

  • TheWolfishGrizz
    Hi, I know the event is over, however I recently joined and I am wanting to be a Vampire, I am level 17 now, but I have been looking all over. Do you know of any resources that I can get a Vamp Bite?
  • Firemantim
    when do you think you'll do this again? not for a while I assume?
  • poopika
    Soul Shriven
    Nobody take this offer. Werewolves are so much stronger than Vampires. I can give Werewolf bites, but for a price. Contact me in game at @poopika to negotiate. I won't accept higher than 10k, and usually no lower than 5k.
    Falmgeval DC Vet 1 Breton Sorcerer Werewolf
    Message Me In Game At @poopika If You Want A Werewolf Bite.
  • orion2040
    Soul Shriven
    seeking free vampire bite on ps4

    faction ebonheart
    psn Lokie8989
    character name orw or seclene
    platform ps4

  • EwwPeww
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for a vampire bite
    Ebonheart Pact
    North America
    Ill pay whatever I have
  • Mike-420
    Why does everyone wanna pay to be a vamp or wolf?

    you can find both quests and do them on your own?

    Seems kinda pointless to pay someone else to do the work for you.. Considering you need to maintain the wolf or vamp feeding schedule why not put the work into finding the quest and do it that way..

  • ZOS_AlanG
    For those looking for bites on consoles, we've set up several pinned threads in the Players Helping Players forum: It's also worth noting that we, we don’t allow trading or selling on the forums, so if you’re looking for a bite, or what to offer, it needs to be a free exchange.

    Thanks, everyone!
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  • fergatROn
    This is hilarious. I love this concept of "free bites." It's like getting all of Tamriel ready for the flu vaccine. I'm not interested in it... for religious/scientific reasons, of course. :wink:
    Marc F. | XB1: MarfeJokin
    "Let the blind lead the blind... it's more fun to watch."
  • alaiham2002
    In PC which server is this?
  • Donkey0978
    Looking for free bite PS4 add donkey0978
  • Donkey0978
    Daggerfall covenant
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