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Textures take too much time to load

  • barrrt
    @LameoveR No problem. It may still help some PC players if they find this thread. Perhaps edit your post to say it's a solution on PC, so that folks do not mess up their settings.
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  • Srithla
    No problems. I tried it anyway. Setting reverted to OPENGL. Problems continued. Frustrating that they weren't there in 1.6.
  • Windshadow_ESO
    the problem is worse for me after yesterdays patch in some locations like the banking level in eldon root i can go to several places and bank and sell and decon junk and the textures never load i have to exit to char select and load the toon again

    and this is on a mid 2009 15" macbook pro with everything set to low and the on off options off

    this started with 1.6 but it got worse with yesterdays patch before yesterdays patch the problem would resolve after no more than a minute of faffing about in the building where it happened
  • Windshadow_ESO
    I have a bit of good news the new beta of 10.10.3 (OS X 10.10.3 (14D127a))
    the semiperm version of no inside textured walls etc in places like the Eldenroot bank area
    is back to just a few sec with this OS beta the game felt better in general as well

  • rodney418
    I get the same issue in several interiors including inns etc. Loading times can be several seconds to up to half a minute in some cases. Checked on two 2014 MacBook Pros, one with Intel 4000 card, one with nvidia 750M, both with 8 GB RAM.
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