The Firesong DLC and Update 36 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here:
Maintenance for the week of September 26:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance – September 26
The maintenance is complete, and the PTS is now back online. Patch 8.2.1 including the Firesong DLC is now available to test!

Ahem, you miss something?


High Elf
Elemental Talent: The tooltip for this passive is now consistent across all its ranks.
Carnage: This passive ability’s tooltip now correctly reflects the Weapon Critical bonus it grants.
Heavy Armor Expertise: This passive ability now has an icon.
Wood Elf
Y’ffre’s Endurance: The Wood Elf racial skill Exhilaration (formerly Vigor) has been replaced with Y'ffre's Endurance, which grants an increase of 7%/14%/21% to Stamina Regeneration while in combat.

I haven't actually logged in to check this but..........Did the Argonian racial nerf (oh sorry, "change") to potion efficiency happen or not?

And if it did happen, there some special reason why it was left OUT of the official patch notes???
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  • ThatNeonZebraAgain
    Gore-of-the-Forest Argonian Nightblade
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    Ceol the Last Baron Redguard Dragonknight
    Wayra High Elf Sorceress
    Erebain Salothran Dark Elf Templar
    Rituals-of-the-Forest Argonian Warden
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