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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live's Next Episode: 2/27"

  • kelly.medleyb14_ESO
    Grileenor wrote: »
    I wouldn't call this show a joke. It wasn't even boring, but yes, they left room for more, definitely. I love the fact, that they do this show on a regular basis, but there are times, when there isn't much to tell. They told, they are actively working on Orsinium(Wrothgar) and the imperial city. Some more footage and everybody would have been happy. Some more facts would have been great as well. Most people want to know what DLCs will come, when and what are the costs for them. I doubt they don't know it yet. Still near to no info. :neutral:

    But still, I do enjoy looking it and hope you continue broadcasting it. Perhaps with more info next time :wink:

    False, they could have answered or even asked any number of real questions but they didn't.
  • mistermacintosh
    I clicked the link to watch the video on youtube, but it apparently hasn't been uploaded yet.

    Edit: It's up now.
    Edited by mistermacintosh on March 3, 2015 1:37AM
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  • Stravokov
    just wait till after the Tamriel unlimited goes live and there is a HUGE gap before we get content. they will have to pick their noses to dig up something worth talking about that hasn't already been said 1000 times.
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