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Sorcerer or Templar for Healer?

I just rolled a Sorc with the intention of building a healer. Now I'm realizing Templars are likely the better healers, and that there's all sorts of complaints lately about Sorcerers in 1.6. I'm not quite level 10 yet, so it isn't too late to reroll.

Just wondering if anyone has been successful as a Sorc Healer or is Templar the way to go?
  • Jando
    If you know that you want to be the best healer in the game. Then re-roll a Templar.
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  • newtinmpls
    I've seen pretty much any character who plugs a lot of points into magicka and has the first two restoration staff abilities morphed function as a decent healer IF 1-they have a good sense of timing and a computer and veiwpoint good enough to see which party member is where, 2-there is a tank in the group with some kind of effective crowd control (taunt, usually), and 3-the group members stick together - really hard to heal people who are haring off in all directions.

    All that being said, I have no experience of veteran levels, and I'm told you really need a Templar for some of the cleansing abilities.
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  • Khaleer
    for later gameplay mainhealer sorc with restostaff maybe possible, but with templar it's easier.
  • Snit
    Sorcerers can heal. They're viable. However, in terms of class skills, they bring less to the table than any other class. Every other class has at least one ability that helps, but sorcs lose their only advantage* when 1.6 hits. If your primary role is healer, sorc is the worst class to pick. Templars are clearly the top healers, followed by NB's and then DK's.

    ZOS posted yesterday that they intend to do something for sorc healers someday. They did not say what or when. It is not imminent.

    * Since launch, sorcs could buff their weapon power better than most others, allowing them to be very effective with a resto staff. In 1.6, resto heals are now spellpower based, and every class has access to the Mage Guild ability to buff it.
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  • likewow777
    I think you can definitely be a good healer with a Sorcerer, and there's no reason to not try it. However, and there's no way to get around this fact, a Templar healer has access to more healing spells. Does that mean the Templar is a better healer by default? I dunno. How good are you with the Sorcerer? (Rhetorical question. I know you just started the character :wink: )

    Personally, I'd rather have too many spells to choose from, and the Templar provides that.
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  • Cazic
    Thanks for the advice, everyone. Yeah, I am thinking of rerolling a Templar so I can ensure a more solid healing build later in the game. Sorcerer is fun so far but I'm not really sold on the Sorcerer class skills enough to stick with it.
  • Sheuib
    There were often times on my templar healer that we would have to many healers and it was always good to be able to heal or dps depending on what was needed. In 1.5 sorc was always better at being able to play both roles. Yes templar as a dps has better group support but not sure if that made up for the extra dps the sorc would provide.

    However, come 1.6 I am thinking templar ranged magicka dps is going to improve significantly with the changes to entropy, sun fire adding crit buff, backlash being instant cast, dark flare having a shorter cast, and the addition of the execute ability. Making the templar better for being able to play both roles.
  • Cuyler
    Templar or go home.

    Edit: Sorc is dps first, healing is an afterthought when your Templar healer is eating to many chips during the boss fight.
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