Templar Stamina DPS - Possible Rotations And Theorycrafting Thread

So in an attempt to theorycraft and get *** together, I've come up with possible bar line ups for a Stamina, Two-Handed Templar.

Race - Imperial
Armor - 5/1/1 Loadout, Medium/Light/Heavy
Set Equipment - 5pc Hunding's Rage, 3pc Ashen Grip, 3pc Shadow Walker
Chosen Weaponry - 2H Sword, Bow.
Attribute Allocation - 0ma/32he/30st
Enchants and Traits - Head, Legs, Chest all Infused, Rest Divine. Neck and Ring1 Healthy, Ring2 Robust.

Possible Bar Loadout 1 -

Blazing Spear - Opening hit, supportive move for other stamina DPS and Tanks that need the stam boon.

Rally - Obvious benefits are obvious.

Reverse Slice - AoE Execute, not much worse (arguably better) than Executioner and gets the job done just the same. Used only during Execute phases.

Power Of The Light - Used the exact second after Blazing Spear leaves your character's hand as to put it up immediately and light your target up nice and clear. Also used as a timer; Once it expires, it's time to refresh your spear.

Wrecking Blow - The primary skill, used via heavy attack weaving until Blazing Spear and Power Of The Light needs to be refreshed.

Ultimate - Flawless Dawnbreaker - Used when up, keep loaded at all times for passive benefit.

Possible Bar Loadout 2 -

Biting Jabs - Second skill used after PotL is activated to paint the target. Used sparingly as it costs a good bit of Stamina but raises Crit Rating by a whopping 10%.

Rally - Same as before.

Reverse Slice - Same.

PotL - Same as abovem only with Biting Jabs to be freshed over Blazing Spear.

Wrecking Blow - Same as above.

Ultimate - Flawless Dawnbreaker - Same as Above.

Possible Bar Loadout 3 -

Blazing Spear - Opening move.

Rally - Obvious use again.

Reverse Slice - Obvious use again.

PotL - Used second Blazing Spear leaves your hand.

Biting Jabs - Replaces Wrecking Blow, weaved in and out with Heavy Attacks.

Ultimate - Flawless Dawnbreaker

So guys, any thoughts on these? Anybody else want to test them out for me and see how they perform?

If any of these work, want to name them too? lol
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  • david.haypreub18_ESO
    Biting Jabs now scales of Stamina and weapon power, but it still costs magicka, no?
    Templars are 'just slower... by design'
    Yes, Gina actually said that (at least regarding Rushed Ceremony) right here:
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    VR 16 Sorcerer
    38 Nightblade
    24 DK
  • likewow777
    Biting jabs costs stamina as well.
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  • Khivas_Carrick
    Oh I'm aware. One's idea was for more sustainability through the use of a move that doesn't cost stamina but rather magicka, while the other was to go all out and say "*** it", and viciously kill things.

    By the way I tested these further, and I found that a Templar Healer will not be the best/most desired healer because of it's actual healing ability, but rather for it's raw supportive abilities through Repentance and Luminous Shards.

    Spamming the everliving hell out of my rotation proved no liability or issue in Fungal Grotto as I was constantly well sustained and managed 7-9.5k DPS, this factoring in Food Buffs, Pots, Group Member Deaths, My own Deaths, and having to res people. So yea, I think I did alright using Loadout 2 the most.
    Bobbity Boop, this game might become poop, but I'll still play because I'm just a pile of goop!
  • likewow777
    What sort of stats do you have (stamina/magicka/spell damage/etc)? I play primarily as a tank and focus on staying the hell alive, rather than damage. So, when I've gone through some of the suggestions I've seen for Templar DPS rotations, the numbers I get are, well, rather less. I'm also not really used to strict timings to get the highest DPS, so that's likely part of the issue. I don't know if I wanna rebuild my char for DPS, but if I can get numbers like 9.5k I might. Thanks!
    "War doesn't build character, it reveals it."
  • Khivas_Carrick
    Stamina is 23,969, Weapon Damage is 2759, 22.2% Weapon Critical, 32.2% when I pop Biting Jabs for a good 8 seconds.

    This translated to having the following moves hit roughly 7-8k a hit, 9-10k for crits.
    Bobbity Boop, this game might become poop, but I'll still play because I'm just a pile of goop!
  • McSwine
    they have increased templars viability by alot as melee, but i feel that cost reduction stacking is in our best interest with our passive of 4%. Im wearing 5 quick serpent, 3 shadow walker, 3 ashen grip. 200 reduced cost of feat
    enchants on all of my jewelry.
    Ive found that stacking reduction increases your sustain dps exponentially compared to stacking regen. During 60 sec+ fights i usually dont drop below 60% stam. here's a readout i just got on a mammoth pull with my full rotation. 15k burst dps in about 4 seconds http://i.imgur.com/3Q692gf.jpg
  • Khivas_Carrick
    I would make sense to have Cost Reduction gear, especially in light of the nerf to Restoring Aura, but I also found that Repentance and Spear Shards does wonders for all forms of DPS, especially melee, and even tanks.

    I will say though your idea is definitely sound and very handy for when your healer isn't a Templar (which is gonna happen more often now) and you need to maintain your resources yourself.

    I will say I weave heavy attacks into my rotation quite a bit and I usually only find my stamina depleted when it's high time for the execute phase.
    Bobbity Boop, this game might become poop, but I'll still play because I'm just a pile of goop!
  • McSwine
    I'll try to explain my rotation a "bit". I like to test on the first boss of Wayrest Sewers Normal (stationary, only need a tank with self heals, 50-70 second fight)

    ill list abilities in order of rotation leaving a few out until the end as theyre more utility based

    ----be 28 meters away
    ---use a potion of weapon power to get your major savagery and brutality buffs---

    Lethal Arrow - Great opener with awesome healing debuff (still gotta figure out what bosses are immune) and DoT

    Poison Injection- Heavy attack cancel (light attack cancelling feels off atm) right after snipe cast into this ability for a good DoT to stack with Lethal Arrow, and also has its place during execute phase later in the fight with its poison ticks hitting for a ridiculous amount of damage past 50% health

    ---start moving into melee range---

    Scorched Earth - Amazing GTAoE that melts groups of mobs, and works great in single target situations as well if the boss doesn't move around a lot

    PotL- Great ability that has already been explained in this thread =)

    Crescent/Radial Sweep - Amazing Changes were made to this and comes up serval times in sustained fights, still figuring out what i like better. Initially i chose crescent because of the significant damage boost, but im trying to see how radial will do for the damage reduc since i do a majority of my damage in melee range aka no mans land.

    ---swap to 2h and light or partial heavy attack

    Uppercut - 2h equivalent of snipe cast time melee haymaker that works well with players who have mastered attack canceling. I use wrecking blow morph usually, but I'm still wanting to test dizzying swing with this for the extra damage reduc debuff. It is imperative that you light or heavy attack cancel while using this i can not stress enough how much better your numbers will look!

    Biting Jabs - Make sure that savagery buff stays up! great single target burst potential with the amount of crits and burning light procs that can occur, but can be very inconsistent as a main damage burner compared to uppercut, still worth alternating in every 2 or 3 uppercut rotations

    Brawler - I chose this morph over cleave as an accident originally but once i started using it i really was blown away by how much staying power you get from having a damage shield on cast that scales with damage done and mobs hit and also stacks on itself. The DoT effect is also beneficial in boss fights as well for the transition period where you recast your DoTs for the burn phase

    --Swap to Bow again around 50%--
    --potion may be up again or sometime soon--

    -scorched earth
    -Poison Injection
    -Radial/Crescent Sweep

    Alternate your uppercuts and biting jabs by a 2:1 ratio until the boss is around 30-35%.
    -watch your DoT timers/ulti pop during this phase a quick weapon swap for poison injection refresher or radial sweep will be wise. cast scorched earth or PotL or neither if you like.
    - Do not light attack while reapplying DoTs, ults, etc. Its best to be as quick as possible so you can go back to uppercut/jabbing (are we boxing?)

    hopefully at this point the boss will be around 25% or close to it cast brawler for the DoT

    Executioner - My favorite ability ever in this build. Your main execute that also boosts damage done with 2h on targets with low health. Get ready to make your guy really dizzy. Light attack cancel and cast until you see stars. Executioner hits like a truck and so do your light attacks at this point and they only hit harder and harder as the boss losses health. Ive had crits hit for 13k+ with executioner and 5k+ light attacks.

    at some point the boss will die

    Your Sustained dps will most likely be upwards of 9-10k if rotation is done well enough and had no stamina issues.Ive gotten as high as 11.5k dps testing on this boss.

    ---Weapon Loadouts and short explanation of why


    lethal arrow
    scorched earth
    poison injection
    Power of the Light
    *restoring focus
    radial Sweep

    Used for opening burst and dot stacking, my ulti on this bar gives me 10% crit damage and a whole mess of other passives new to templar because its a slotted Aedric Spear ability


    wrecking blow
    biting jabs
    ***flawless dawnbreaker

    Your main bar for all things damage be it AoE or single target, amazing sustain in huge mob pulls and heavy hitting melee for single target scenarios

    *Restoring focus is amazing for survivability if you see the need cast whenever you feel like you need 17k+ armor for 8 seconds (15sec in circle) and a healing received buff
    **Repentace will keep you going and going in big enemy situation with the no cost stam and health heal off each enemy corpse and also has a nice stamina recovery buff by it being slotted
    ***Flawless dawnbreaker slotted for that damage buff

    Gear i like to use

    -5piece quick serpent
    -3piece shadow walker or twiced fanged snake jewelry enchanted with cost reduction
    -3piece ashen grip

    7/7 medium
    3 infused
    4 divines
    stam enchants on all

    precise weapons with restore stamina enchants

    -Theif Stone
    -62 health attributes
    -I wish i was Imperial
    -stacking cost reduc 20 points and stam regen 1 point in champ system
    -stacking weapon damge 20 points and armor pen 1 point in champ
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