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[Suggestion] Spell and Skill Crafting

Below is a list of how I'd like spell crafting to be like. Spells allow for lots of possibilities, with animated skins based on element and unlocked through various quests/skilltrees, etc. Skill crafting allows players to morph the existing skills however they like.

I didn't write down everything, and the information below requires a lot of troubleshooting. I mainly use a Templar, so I don't know all the types of effects to include, but here is what I got from the 1.6 patch notes.

AP is used to modify spells and skills. Ability Points. Players start off with 50 in spells and 50 in each skill tree.

Enjoy! Now to try out 1.6 on the PTS!
50 AP, +1 AP per skilltree level.
Up to 50 AP for Champion constellations,

Skill Damage: Attack + (Base Stamina / 95).
Spell Damage: Spell Power + (Base Magicka / 95).

Magicka/Stamina Costs: 1 Magicka/Stamina per AP spent. +50% cost if AoE.

Spell Attributes:
Damage: +3% Damage to target per 2 AP (starting at 3%, not added on base damage, so a person with 100 spell power would deal 3 damage per 2 AP).
Passive DoT: +1% DPS per 1 AP.
Manual DoT: +1% DPS per 1 AP.
AoE: +1% Damage per 1 AP.
AoE Radius: 1m radius for 10 AP, +0.1 radius per 1 AP.
DoT Duration: 1 second for 10 AP, +0.1 seconds per 1 AP.
Buff Duration: 1 second for 5 AP, +0.2 seconds per 1 AP.
Debuff Duration: 1 second for 10 AP, +0.1 seconds per 1 AP.
Projectile Range: +1m per 1 AP. **Effects are melee if projectile is not applied.
Summon (Conjurration): Summon a pet chosen from a library of acquired summons. +1 second per 1 AP.
Passive Magic (Alteration): Use a certain spell for 30 AP. +1 second Duration per 1 AP, if duration applies to the spell.
Charge: +8% Damage for +0.5 seconds of charge time per 10 AP (can be applied to any damage spell, except for Heavy Attack spells).
Heavy Attack: Manually charge a spell 30% more damage for 30 AP.

Types: Up to +25% effectiveness bonuses from Mage Constellations.
Ultimate: All costs are converted to Ultimate cost.
Spell: No effectiveness bonus. Cannot apply buffs or heals.
Conjuration (Unlocked through a Daedric quest): No effectiveness bonus. Can only apply Summon attribute.
Alteration: Duration Effectiveness. Cannot apply damage-based attributes, and can only apply passive magic, buffs and debuffs (with exception of AoE/Target settings).

Buffs: Can only apply one. Two can be applied from a Champion unlock (Spells from Mage, Skills from Thief, Buff-based spells and skills from Warrior).
Resolve: +1% Armour per 2 AP (max 40%).
Ward: +1% Spell Resistance per 2 AP (max 40%).
Protection: -1% Damage Taken per 4 AP (max 30%).
Evasion: +1% Dodge chance per 6 AP (max 20%).
Empower: +1% Damage on next attack per 6 AP (max 20%).
Brutality: +1% Damage per 6 AP (max 20%).
Sorcery: +1% Spell Damage per 6 AP (max 20%).
Force: +1% Critical damage per 2 AP (max 40%).
Savagery: +1% Weapon Critical Chance per 8 AP (max 10%).
Prophecy: +1% Spell Critical Chance per 8 AP (max 10%).
Mending: +1% healing done per 4 AP (max 30%).
Vitality: +1% healing taken per 4 AP (max 30%).
Fortitude: +1% Health Recovery per 4 AP (max 30%).
Intellect: +1% Magicka Recovery per 4 AP (max 30%).
Endurance: +1% Stamina Recovery per 4 AP (max 30%).
Expedition: +1% Movement Speed per 2 AP (max 40%).
Heroism: +1 Ultimate gain per 45 AP (max 3 Ultimate).
Barrier: +1% Maximum Magicka converted to Damage Shield per 1 AP (max 100%). *Barrier on ally is unlocked through Alliance War Support.
Reflect: Reflect next attack for 75 AP.
Backlash: Reflect attacks by 1% of damage received over [Buff Duration] per 2 AP (max 50%).
Reinforce: +1% Block Mitigation per 7 AP (max 15%).
Overmitigate: -1% Block cost per 7 AP (max 15%).
Absorb: Absorb next attack for 75 AP, plus 1% of damage received per 1 AP (max 150 AP).

Debuffs: Can only apply one. Two can be applied from a Champion unlick (Spells from Mage, Skills from Thief, Debuff-based spells and skills from Warrior).
Defile: -1% healing taken per 2 AP (max 40%).
Burn: Uses Passive DoT settings. Available for Fire element.
Snare: -1% Movement Speed per 1 AP (max 50%).
Stun: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP. Available through Lightning element.

Debuffs only available for Skill Crafting:
Fracture: -1% Armour per 2 AP (max 40%).
Breach: -1% Magic Resistance per 2 AP (max 40%).
Maim: -1% Damage dealt by target per 4 AP (max 30%).
Mangle: -1% Maximum Health per 2 AP (max 40%).
Poison: Uses DoT settings.
Disorient: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Knock Down: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Immobilize: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Root: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Blind: +1% Miss chance per 1 AP (max 100%).
Silence: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Off Balance: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Taunt: No upgradeable effect for 50 AP.
Bleed: Uses DoT settings.
Leech: Uses DoT settings.

Element Bonuses: Up to +25% effectiveness bonuses through Mage Constellations.
Fire: DoT Effectiveness. Can apply the Burn debuff effect.
Ice: Snare Effectiveness. Can apply the Snare debuff effect.
Lightning: Stun Effectiveness. Can apply the Stun debuff effect.
Restoration: Spells can apply buffs (Champion unlock) and Dispell. Damage-based attributes heal players affected and will affect allies instead of enemies.

Alteration Effects:
Magelight: Increase Detection Area. Unlocked from Mages Guild.
Equilibrium: Trade Health for Magicka. Unlocked from Mages Guild.
Dispell: Remove 1 status efect per 30 AP.

Synergy: AoE spells and skills can apply synergy effects worth 50 AP (+25 from Undaunted, +25 from Mage Constellations). It costs 50 AP to start up (the extra 50 from Undaunted/Champion are freebies).

Example Skill Craftfing Unlockables: One Handed and Shield:
*All effects require the function to be applied. Be sure to have enough AP for at least the minimum amount for the function.
Level 2: Puncture function: Damage.
Level 4: Low Slash function: Damage.
Level 6: Puncture effect: Fracture.
Level 8: Low Slash effect: Maim.
Level 10: Puncture effect: Breach.
Level 12: Low Slash effect: Snare.
Level 14: Defensive Posture function: Reflect.
Level 16: Defensive Posture effect: Reinforce (passive while ability is slotted).
Level 18: Defensive Posture effect: Overmitigate (passive while ability is slotted).
Level 20: Shield Charge function: Charge.
Level 22: Shield Charge effect: Stun.
Level 24: Defensive Posture effect: Stun.
Level 26: Shield Charge effect: Barrier.
Level 28: Puncture effect: Resolve based on Fracture for double AP.
Level 30: Low Slash effect: Immobilize.
Level 32: Defensive Posture effect: Absorb.
Level 34: ~
Level 36: ~
Level 38: Power Bash function: Damage.
Level 40: Power Bash effect: Stun.
Level 42: Power Bash effect: Disorient (after stun).
Level 44: Power Bash effect: Maim (after disorient).
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