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Is the 6 seconds cool-down of Blood Spawn Set intended?

The title says all. Is this cool-down intended or it is a bug?
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  • Suru
    Its probably the strongest set in the game, for PVP at least and I can see if even more wanted in 1.6 if the set is unchanged. If it has a CD, its probably intended.

  • Joejudas
    im sure it is. but hey on the bright side you can light attack while thats on cooldown for more ult right ? -___-
  • r.jan_emailb16_ESO
    As far as I know, the CD basically ends when the buff provided by the set wears off. So you can't stack it, but (enough incoming hits provided) keep it up all the time. At least that's how I think it works now on PTS. my char is not copied...
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