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ESO causes my mic to stop working after 30 seconds/1minute

Whenever I start eso, when i'm in a skype call/Steam, my mic stops working after just a little bit and I have to unplug it and plug it back it. Then it breaks again about after a minute. I've confirmed this only happens while ESO is started. When I say it stops working basically, I open up "sounds' and go to recording and the mic doesn't seem to pick anything up anymore or it gets stuck at however many bars it was when it stopped working. This causes me to have to unplug and plug it back in. I'm running Windows 8.1 if you needed to know.
  • Silica.Kun
    Same here, just a little different, try repairing your laumcher and check for any updates.

    If that doesnt work, make sure your mic is working properly in sound. If it isnt, make sure to see if its taking in your voice to see if its working at all. Hope this helps!
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  • ZestyTheLion
    ESO casues the mic to just stop picking up sound, and basically freeze where its at. If i'm talking when it breaks and say it's at 2 bars, it will freeze at 2 bars and not pick up sound anymore. And even if i'm not talking when it breaks, it just doesn't show it's picking up anymore sound. I'll go ahead and try a repair now.
  • kristijan.gaguliceb17_ESO
    same here.cant talk to my firend when we play together any solutions on this one of fixing.
  • Valen_Byte
    Try this.

    Make sure your mic is plugged into the back of your tower...not the front.
    Start your voice call first, then open the launcher.
    Dont use skype...the man is listening you know. Use steam.
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