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Official Discussion Thread for "Happy Holidays from ZOS!"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the web article "Happy Holidays from ZOS!"

Happy holidays to all of you from all of us. We hope they’re filled with adventure, feasting, and the best loot of all: time spent with your favorite party members.

We'll see you next year!
Jessica Folsom
Lead Community Manager - ZeniMax Online Studios
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Staff Post
  • Thavie
    Happy holidays everyone! May your New Life be awesome and full of light! (*)
    "We grew under a bad sun"
  • Vagabond_Outcast
    Happy holidays, best wishes! :)
    And what a nice greeting card, kudos to the artist.
  • wildgarrettub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Merry Christmas! Hope everyone's day is filled with plenty of ESO and Family time. :smiley:
  • Jacques Berge
    Jacques Berge
    Happy Holidays? you mean Merry Christmas? :stuck_out_tongue:
    "Shadow hide you"

    Jacques Berge - v14 NB - DC
  • Elderskrye
    Thank You. Enjoy your family, friends, loved ones and a peaceful joyful holiday season.
  • Stroggnonimus
    Happy Holidays to you too, ZOS team and everyone else !
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  • Campiclatchb14_ESO
    The picture on the site would be a cool wallpaper
  • xMovingTarget
    Happy Holidays ;) And fix the champion system point allocation when you start working again :P
  • FooWasHere
    Merry Christmas all! See you in Tamriel!
  • Gyudan
    Happy holidays to everyone at @ZOS. May you all get the rest you need and come back with tons of enlightenment to bring fresh new ideas to the table. :)
  • Alexium
    Happy New Year New Life! All this year I was hoping to see a big Christmas tree on the Talos Plaza District... I keep hoping!
    Edited by Alexium on December 24, 2014 5:49PM
    Don't nerf the Mist Form!
  • crowfl56
    Happy and a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

    Thought we would get some Legendary Gear for our mains under da tree :)
  • Ffastyl
    A warmth filled my bosom as I read this.... :)
    Have a merry Saturalia and a happy New Life Festival!
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  • GlassHalfFull
    Merry Christmas!
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  • Sleep
    Marry Christmas?
  • Dominoid
    Merry Christmas
  • vechislov
    Soul Shriven
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy holidays to everyone at ZOS! You need to rest. It's the only thing you need now.
  • Tandor
    Season's Greetings one and all, and thanks to ZOS for a wonderful game :)!
  • Elsonso
    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    P.S. - @ZOS_GinaBruno‌ GO HOME! It's Christmas Eve! It seems like you are always here.

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  • kongkim
    Yah happy holidays to everyone :)
    Looking so much forward to the new year and see what ESO can bring :)
  • Iluvrien
    Seasons greetings to all!

    Already looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year! :#
  • Rosveen
    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    P.S. - @ZOS_GinaBruno‌ GO HOME! It's Christmas Eve! It seems like you are always here.
    Tamriel is home, where else would she be?

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Or happy holidays. Or if you're working, just a happy... no, nobody's happy to be working today. :p Anyhow, enjoy your New Year celebrations and let's make the next year awesome.
  • Davadin
    Happy holidays to all! Get a well deserved rest, ZOS.

    Akatosh-knows, you'll need it for the new year!
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  • Destrian_Isolde
    Soul Shriven
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Life! :)
  • Archei
    Merry Christmas everyone! <3:#
    VR16 Nord Dragonknight

    Ebonheart Pact(EU)
  • Nirnroot
    Merry Christmas!
  • Sacadon
    Happy Holidays!
  • Orchish
    Merry Christmas to all!
  • bravoalpharomeo
    Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope you all have a great one.
    Remember, if you have the chance, take the opportunity to show someone who might not have anyone to celebrate with, or can't for whatever reason, what the time of year is all about. And as always, take a second to thank some of the guys and gals in the military, living and passed, who couldn't be home with their families today. You never know how much a holiday greeting or short message of appreciation on facebook or something can help someone, even if they don't get to read it today.
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