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Can't complete Mzithumz dungeon in Deshaan

Soul Shriven
Ok I have a weird problem,

In the Deshaan zone there is a dungeon called Mzithums north of Mournhold, I did all the Qs there (all the ones I could find on esowiki in that dungeon. But I am unable to "complete" the dungeon and it keeps showing black on my map.
I also searched for a boss in there but couldn't find one.
Now this is freakin' out the OCD side of me :) so I was wondering if someone had the same problem or maybe I'm just completely missing something, I dunno.
could be just a bug...?
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  • DeLindsay
    Same for me, I bug reported it months ago and nothing seems to have been done.
  • Morthur
    Edited by Morthur on January 19, 2015 5:16PM
  • jacst1982
    Soul Shriven
    Hiccups amazing!!! Thanks for the help!
  • Armenua
    yes, thanks for the help!
  • arcangel33420
    Thread is old but I had the same problem. I like to post the solution if anyone ever have this problem again.
    You need to find a "Smashed Dwarven Sphere". This will start the Quest "mechanical murder".
    I did not find the Quest Start the first time, because it is pretty far away from Mzithumz. :(

    You see on my Screenshots where it is:


    Thanks helped a lot!
    Arcangel33420 Order of the Forsaken Leader
  • Beardimus
    + 1 Thanks!
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