What's the best morph for Lightning Splash on the Sorcerer?

What's the best morph for Lightning Splash on the Sorcerer? The one that does more damage seems not to be much compared to the increased radius from the other morph.
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  • AaronMB
    I don't know either but I recently went with the increased radius. And I don't know if I'm missing much damage from the other morph but I certainly like the bigger circle. I sometimes enjoy throwing encase and dropping the lightning; it's much easier and quicker now with the bigger area.

    (This is my first sorcerer.)
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  • Nestor
    I can tell you that in all the Repecs of my Sorcerer, I have never put points back into Lightening Splash. There are more effective skills in the Storm Calling line (Mages Fury/Endless Storm/Surge/Bolt Escape). Save your skill points for that.

    That being said, more damage is usually better than less, as the mobs tend to come to you so that you need larger areas less than you think.
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  • Cuyler
    always go more damage when you have a choice either to increase radius or time.
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