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Solo Normal Elden Hollow Not Working?

Hi all,

So I'm currently a Vet 8 and I'm trying to solo the Normal ranked Elden Hollow Group Dungeon, but every time I enter the dungeon, the enemies are Vet ranked even though I have set the Group Settings onto Normal. I know I've soloed a dungeon on Normal before even though I was a Vet and I've tried logging and entering and exiting the dungeon whilst still on Normal.

Does anyone have any ideas to why this is happening?

  • itsBishop
    As of 1.5 all dungeons (whether veteran or normal) scale to the level of the group leader.

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  • redspecter23
    All dungeons scale up to the level of the party leader now. The difference between a vet dungeon and a non vet dungeon is in the mechanics and encounters in the dungeon and the minimum level it can be set at.
  • Rainchii
    Thanks for the quick replies Bishop and Redspecter~! I didn't realise even the Normal ranked runs scaled to the leader's level as well. Thanks for the info~!
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