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PTS Development Testing Tool Suggestion

Soul Shriven
A suggestion utility tool for the public test server would be a deployment tool to be able to pick any armor/weapon i wrote a mod that was similar in Morrowind to deploy my favorite armor types. however such a tool could be used to help theory crafters and end users whom want to discover the effect particular armor does in a set situation or discover how the new changes to stamina builds will effect. this utilities deployment capabilities can be wiped every patch test but can be very useful for end users, to know particular armor they want to spend countless hours hunting for and set build they want to setup if they know what to look for though deployment test. which could also help in deploying the public test server if users don't need to hunt for the new armors they want to test on the new dungeons ZOS wants to see PTS to be used by the mass population this could be a good incentive for those users to test and try. Just an Idea
  • Hypertionb14_ESO
    that kind of command stuff is Inhouse accessable to staff only stuff.

    unpaid, unemployed, and honestly untrustworthy people should never be entrusted with upper level command lines or tools like you are suggesting..

    In MMOs in particular, even if its a "beta" server those should never be accessible to General populace.

    its a sad fact but true, ZOS is a business company after all...

    unless you intent to move so you can be employed by ZOS as a QA, and i doubt they are going to be hiring anyone anytime soon, dont ever expect such a lavish thing to be added to your testing experience.

    i hate to be mr poopy pants in this instance but it really is asking for too much.

    best you can actually expect is "crafting" templates, that instead of having those gear items, they just get lots of crafting material coffers and already have traits learned and the base crafts maxed.

    part of why they are doing character copies is so you can do those things already.

    Edited by Hypertionb14_ESO on January 3, 2015 6:50AM
    I play every class in every situation. I love them all.
  • Stalwart385
    I wouldn't mind seeing this in some fashion. The character copies do help players diversify in PTS. Otherwise its just the gear you get from templates.

    I'd really like to see them some way some how getting people questing in PTS. Those bugs never get caught because there is no reason to quest in PTS. I think most quest should have unique rewards (in live also) like crafting recipes or awarded skills. It would add diversity and incentive.
  • NanoVirusNX1
    Soul Shriven
    thank you, I felt it was a long shot but still thank you for the response I plan to run PTS when patch 6 goes live as your development seems so interesting.
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