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Checked another mmorg's forum.

  • Vahrokh
    kongkim wrote: »
    Haha people always cry on mmo forums. The best forum so far i think is EVE online. Still whine but not as much as others. But think the reason is most players there are people up in age :)

    In EvE there are two factors:

    1) Survival of the fittest. EvE is a long term effort, it's almost a philosophy more than a game. Most quit it because they just can't withstand their own weakness.

    It's funny how some who are succesful in that game, also become in real life (some alliance leaders became leaders because of their huge innate leading skills or developed real life leader skills thanks to "training them" in EvE).

    2) Others like me just copy and pasted their EvE approach to real life and vice versa and made it work. In example, in EvE I am a somewhat famous big-billionaire market trader, also contacted to act as trusted third party collateral holder (these are RARE). I applied the concepts to real life (and applied the results back to EvE and so on and on) and now I am a trader living on an island like in "the books" and also sometimes act as intermediary for financial and real estate matters.

    EvE is superior and different, leagues above to any possible other online experience. Not for the apparent game graphics or features (pretty "average") but because of the ability to foster human relationships in a way no other MMO ever managed to do.

    EvE is a powerful, real time social framework born many years before the very "social media" or "social framework" ideas would even be conceived.

    Also, corollary of the above... decisions lead to meaningful and long staying consequences.

    No fake instances, no "world reset" or "reboot" undo what somebody has done. And the forums, are a permanently stored (, unmodifiable document talking about thousands of players interactions and their consequences.
    Edited by Vahrokh on December 4, 2014 3:15AM
  • timidobserver
    I agree. ESO forums are not nearly as toxic as some game forums. The GW2 WvW forums were the most toxic thing in gaming history before the WvW section as removed from the website.
    Edited by timidobserver on December 4, 2014 3:15AM
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  • Cherryblossom
    spryler wrote: »

    <Note - second paragraph is unrelated to the above quote>
    I am confused by the worst doom-and-gloomers that come on these forums. I know the game has problems and bugs, but I don't believe the situation to be as dire as they say. It's a bit like getting a papercut and then rushing to the ER, getting a doctor's note, and taking a week off of work. I mean it's just not that bad, seriously.

    It may be the technology they are using, but the game feels empty in the later levels. With my Veteran Toons I'm lucky if I see another player in an evening of play, this does not suggest a thriving game!
    I've played other MMO and not one have I seen so many people within my guild just say they have had enough and quit the game!
    I would also suggest you don't play in Cyrodill, cos that is BAD, seriously.
  • khele23eb17_ESO
    Mightylink wrote: »
    Cash shop was added about a month ago. It's funny too because it's just vanity stuff like what WoW does and people are crying over nothing. I mean support your game development! Yes $15 is more than enough but i look at it like this, IF you have the extra cash and want something cool it's a win/win. And FFXIV has had some AMAZING patches thus far including a new class! Something usually reserved for expansions you have to buy. So they really do need to shut up lol.

    except wow's cash shop isnt just vanity anymore, you can now pay for levels and xp boosts, its starting to become borderline p2w and thats unacceptable for a monthly subscription

    The game's 10 years old. Most players have 5+ max level characters. At this point xp boosts and upgrades to lev90 are really more a matter of convenience than p2w. It helps you try class number 5 or 8 without spending a week to level the character. That doesnt give you an edge over anyone. You gear up and progress through endgame content like everyone else. Keep in mind in WoW endgame does not consist of leveling your character from 50 to 150.
    Edited by khele23eb17_ESO on December 4, 2014 12:13PM
    P2P offered you 'hell yeah!' moments. F2P offers you 'thank god its over' moments.
  • zaria
    Govalon wrote: »
    I recently checked FFXIV forums. It was hilarious. Much more crying happens there but I might have had a bad timing since there was so much crying about cash shop coming in even though it is p2p game. I think cash shop was anounced just now so the initial crying that happens during every new thing in all games might be going on there

    Definitely just bad timing. Now and again things happen, like the server issues at launch, the price of player housing or the cash shop and multiple threads pop up and dominate the front page of general discussion for a while.

    Rest of the time it's usually a pretty nice community forum.

    As to OP, I'm gonna guess...ArcheAge? If so it wouldn't surprise given how much Trion have really dropped the ball with that one.
    What is the issues with ArcheAge?

    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • Akselmo
    kongkim wrote: »
    Haha people always cry on mmo forums. The best forum so far i think is EVE online. Still whine but not as much as others. But think the reason is most players there are people up in age :)
    Usually people whine there because someone blew up their huge and expensive spaceship for no reason.

    Source: I play EVE for my sci-fi needs.
    Edited by Akselmo on December 4, 2014 12:44PM
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  • Elloa
    I can say that in game ESO community is the nicest community I had the chance to play with (GW2 being second)
    The forum is not really representative of the atmosphere in game.
  • Darlgon
    SWTORs forums are not as toxic because the toxic people moved on to other games. Archeage being one of the current focuses.

    The first six months after launch.. I felt dirty after reading the forums.
    Edited by Darlgon on December 4, 2014 3:33PM
    Power level to CP160 in a week:
    Where is the end game? You just played it.
    Why don't I have 300+ skill points? Because you skipped content along the way.
    Where is new content? Sigh.
  • bellanca6561n
    The MPGAMES forum on GEnie was good but that network pretty much committed suicide before people found a different online network of choice. It was the first online network to offer fully graphical MMOs yet could not create a GUI for itself.

    Still, if you read them, you would recognize the SAME patterns of otherwise adult human beings losing their sh*t over identical issues.

    Online games work as any entertainment medium does: by evoking emotion. And emotion experienced in a digital setting is identical to that felt in a physical one. This continues to take people by surprise....continues to take ME by surprise. :(
  • Sylvyr
    I love how people compares crap with crap to talk about which is crappier.

    It's just a little surprising that given there is plenty of history in MMOs, PR, Communication, best practices, etc etc, we can't see a more planned, refined, smoother product line.
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  • risen1981
    Check out Star citizen, every game developer has something to learn from their transparency. Simply amazing respond and information.

    Weekly tv shows( 30-40mins long) with info bout the game, monthly reports on what they have been up to, weekly letter from the headman himself. weekly tv show where the headman answers 10 questions from the community...
  • Lord_Kreegan
    I'm going to DELIBERATELY *** on

    I have participated in a number of forums ever since the first Neverwinter Nights on AoL (yeah, I'm an old fart; so sue me...) and inevitably forums attract the worst examples of human nature...

    People hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and expose that they are fundamentally *** and nothing but ***.

    Okay, given that people are *** and when able to be *** without being identified (hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet), people are even greater ***. Should a forum site contribute to that human weakness?

    No... IMHO, websites like are major contributors to the problem. I have never found another website so quick to squash dissent (against major advertisers on their website) as

    Unfortunately, free enterprise is more important in this world than honesty and such websites as make money by being totally and completely dishonest.

    This forum is NOT the problem. It is the MONTORING of forums that is the problem. Disagreements are a GOOD thing. Squashing disagreements in order to further advertisement revenue (ala is a completely unethical thing to do.

    Sanction disagreements. Applaud disagreements. Salute disagreements.

    You don't have to agree with others, but you need to salute open discussions.

    EDIT: Typing after multiple glasses of Scotch is not wise...
    Edited by Lord_Kreegan on December 4, 2014 11:54PM
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