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NB accesory and set bonus

A brief question from a rookie. As a NB magica melee (8m class skills), what accesorries and armor set bonuses would you go for that could fit for cyro/dungs? I recently got 3x soulshine with spell dmg chants, but feel a bit cheated since they are vr10 greens. So far for crafted armor im sitting og 5 seducer 4 magnus with daggers.
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  • ecitraffic_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    The 3x Soulshine is still the best I can find. Seems wrong since they are V10 greens, but w/e. The biggest problem you will find is having enough magicka and spell power(dmg) to finish people quickly enough. Don't worry about crit, seeing as everyone runs inpen. Since I am vamp, I enchanted all 3 jewelry pieces with fire resist. Since NB's have no self heals worth a damn, I use resto staff as my alt weapon from daggers.

    After lots of failure, I recently switch to resto/destro combo and couldn't be happier! I can actually live for a while to fight now. Some of my dps went down, but I can last long enough to even beat some DK's now.

    This is just my findings. Good luck!
  • MrGhosty
    You might look into the undaunted armors you get for completing dungeon pledges as they have some pretty nice attributes. I used a hyrbrid mag/stam build so I found two crafted sets that when combined with the armor allowed me to regen more stam when I was using mag and vice versa which actually seemed to work pretty well. As a hybrid build my biggest enemy is resource management so when in Cyrodiil, I have to pick my targets carefully. DW is also useful as you can use them to get a two piece set bonus.
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