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Dragonstar Arena Veteran still nerfed after 1.5.4, no leaderboards rollback

Today, after the patch, I tried Dragonstar Arena Veteran again. The patch did not fix the nerf.

Arena 9 is still in nerfed state, especially the boss round, where named adds are not summoning additional adds. Are you going to do anything about this?

And what about leaderboards?

Under the nerfed circumstances, people did insane times, and once the arena will be finally fixed, those times will be unreachable on current patch. What are you going to do with leaderboards heavily influenced by your mistake, Zenimax?

Parties worked hard to complete arena on patch 1.4 and we spent a lot of time to get decent times. Are you going to rollback the nerfed times -- your mistake that ruined our efforts? May I have Yes / No asnwer?

Leaderboards are supposed to be place of competition between PvE guilds and players. Your 1.5 bug-nerf influenced and destroyed competitive aspect of DSA Veteran Leaderboard (world record on bugged version - 83 mins - cannot even be beaten in unnerfed version of arena).

By the way, Weekly Leaderboard for DSA Veteran also does not work.

@ZOS_GinaBruno , @ZOS_AmeliaR , @ZOS_JessicaFolsom‌ , @ZOS_JasonLeavey , any word from devs about this issue? What are you going to do? Are you going to do something?
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  • omy_mkeb17_ESO
    Yes, do something about it! I want to enjoy this content with my guildmates. Currently we refuse to run it under these circumstances.
    Idk why are u ignoring this problem. Vet DSA is a big part of current endgame pve content. It should be high on u'r priority list!
    Also i fully support the rollback/wipe/whatever of the leaderboards. The purpose of leaderboards is to compare the results of different teams under same circumstances.
    If u don't rollback them u might aswell disable the thing completly...
  • Jbmcely
    We just did DSAV and our best clean time to stage 10 was 121 minutes prior to the patch 1.5. Our 6 deaths brought this time to 151 minutes. Today we just cleared to boss 10 with a clean time of 85 minutes. That is 36 minutes faster....Either our dps went way up (highly unlikely) or the stages are still broken. As a healer I didn't even ever feel like I was being tested unlike before where I felt like I would have some close calls. None of us had any gear changes or spec changes between the two runs. Stage 9 which use to be fun, is laughable now. I really hope DSAV can be reverted back because it is no longer the most difficult thing in the game, as it stands now.

    /sign on the rollback and fix...
    Edited by Jbmcely on November 15, 2014 7:29PM
  • Gyudan
    ZOS_GaryA wrote: »
    Hey there @Gyudan,

    We're currently taking a look into the Dragonstar Arena leaderboards. We'll be sure to post more info once it becomes available. Thanks for your patience!

    At least the leaderboards part is supposedly being investigated.
  • Vixen
    I don't understand - if it's "nerfed" just beat the ones at the top currently. What difference does it make. At least it allows more people to clear it a little just because some adds aren't there. The ones who are at top of leader board most likely completed it the previous way anyway before the nerfs!
    - Aren't leader boards only cleared if some abuse of bugs not the fact everyone is able to do it in the same conditions?
    - Just because of a few adds in stage 9 the time's atm can still be beaten even if they are there.
    - Stage 9 was never the most difficult stage, people have just mastered the mechanics and tactics a bit more as time goes by - look at AA and Hel Ra leader boards times! Should they be removed too just because people have used different tactics and gotten better?!
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  • whiteclaw47
    Don't see the reason why the leaderboard should reset or roll back. Stage 9 is a bit easier, but it doesn't change the time for 10 or 20+ minutes. It is more like 2, 3 max minutes. Until now, there was only 1 leaderboard wipe. Why not wipe it every month or so when new patch comes out? Every mayor patch brings something that increase dps or gives more survivability. While talking about not fair, EU EP have rarely any pvp buffs, why not make new campaign so EP can have permanent pvp buffs like AD or DC. Or why not remove pvp buffs outside Cyrodiil?
  • xaraan
    I think the leaderboards should be reset every week or month anyway. There are a few top timers (before the patch) that did it with exploits, so the top times on the american server didn't mean a whole lot before or after patch.
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