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I find better or buy better weapons/armour then I craft

There's this notion that you can craft better then what you find or buy. I find that to be completely false.

I wear a mixture of light and heavy, use one handed and a shield and I find - from quests rewards - better stuff then what I craft. I focus on armour/weapon crafting using clothing, metal working and wood working. I learn all I can, dismantle all I can, and horde all my mats.

yet some how I feel I find better or buy better then what I can craft. oO
  • Jitterbug
    do you upgrad the gear you craft?
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  • Salacious
    I upgrade every chance I get, or when I find the materials needed. I was curious if Iw as doing something wrong so I started upgrading the gear instead of crafting new stuff all the time. But today I found a dagger that replaced my blue sword, the dagger is also blue .... I'm like oO. I enchant, upgrade and occasionally craft new gear. But I still seem to find better gear.
  • kewl
    There are a few dropped set pieces I covet. But the majority of my looted gear goes to decon or sale.

    You can choose traits and set bonuses on crafted items. Crafted gear allows you to optimize a character for different play styles. Example crit build for trials or impenetrable for PvP.

    How are random drops better?
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  • Woolenthreads
    With crafted gear you can have set items that are equal to your level, and provide you some very nice advantages, something not always possible with non-crafted gear. I always craft my gear and I usually do a mixture of Torugs Pact/Seducer and Twilights Embrace to get the set bonuses I like. It's all about getting set bonuses.
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  • Islyn
    Salacious wrote: »
    There's this notion that you can craft better then what you find or buy. I find that to be completely false.

    At what level and with what crafting skills unlocked?

    I mean yeah at lvl 10. Sure.

    Serious gear which is made for what you are playing - nope. I disagree.

    THIS IS WHY ELE DRAIN AND ORBS ARE IMPORTANT IF YOU'RE A HEALER see reply below from DK who cleared Sanctum Hard Mode with 5 Player Group
    Islyn wrote: »
    That whips DK though - love the mana Not Being Empty!

    I would LOVE some tips! I tend to burn through my mana TOO FAST (I use same rotation etc) and I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

    Any advice from that DK would be SO appreciated!
    YoloWizard wrote: »
    Well, I don't probably do anything different than you its all about the healer you run with. @Kathrein was applying elemental drain and throwing mystic orbs from time to time to synergies. Other than that I would be at 0 magicka all the time
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  • Tarukmockto
    I agree that dropped gear was as good or better as what I crafted until I had done enough research to benefit from the crafted sets.

    Once I could craft specific sets with desired traits and bonuses, there's no way I could find better drops than the crafted sets. I improve weapons and chests to blue, everything else is green. I can tailor the look, traits and enchants exactly for the results I want with crafted sets. This makes them superior to miss-matched drops I might acquire.
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  • lordspyder
    I head back to a crafting station every 2 levels like clock work because the gear I get is almost always worse than what I craft, and I don't usually upgrade most of it while leveling.
  • AlexDougherty
    @Salacious have you crafted any sets, because the set bonuses generally are better than the traits/enchantments.

    Admittedly you need to learn a number of traits to craft them, but they are worth it.
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