Does destruction staff give 10% magicka back?

Does it? Because on the patch notes it said this:

Fully-charged heavy attacks from the following weapons will now restore magicka based on your level:
Destruction staff
Restoration staff

So I really don't know please help :D
  • TheBull
    Yes it does.
  • LegendaryPow
  • majinstef
    no more, no less
  • LegendaryPow
    Oh ok cool! Thanks!
  • Nightreaver
    majinstef wrote: »
    no more, no less

    Perhaps no more, but certainly less.

    Looks to be a cap of 189.
    Exception on Resto staff with Circle of life capping at 245 (189 *1.3)

    If they ever create a Legendary recipe it better contain bacon as one of the ingredients. I'm just sayin'.
  • LegendaryPow
    But that might be the passive?
  • Nerouyn
    I believe all the people saying yes are wrong.

    I can't say from personal experience but I've read other posts recently where players who have tested it have found after a recent'ish patch that magicka/stamina returns for heavy attacks are no longer a percentage based on your maximum. They are a set number.
  • Hookgrin

    Yes, it does restore magicka, the amount is determined by your character level. The amount caps at 212 magicka at VR1 for Destruction Staves. See Circuitous' first post on this thread for updated heavy attack info.

    I think the 10% you got was from the discussion about Restro Staves which have a passive (Cycle of Life) that does up to 10% damage based on your health. Update 4 's patch notes said it removed that 10% damage increase, (but that didn't happen so it will happen on a future patch if it has not happened already).

    It is the 10% damage increase that is being removed from Restro Staves, not the magicka return from either staff.
  • LegendaryPow
    Ahh right! I wish they'd just put it in words instead of complicating it :( It's really annoying with the skills. They put all these odd words, and things that don't make sense. Really annoying xD Oh well it happens :) Thanks!~
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