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Reloadui constantly

How many others are having to consistently use reloadui to be able to interact with anything - quest, world items, even skill trees?
  • SavageHenry
    Just one of the problems am having.
  • gutterbunny
    Soul Shriven
    It used to happen every few minutes. Now reloading the ui doesn't work, I just crash to the login screen every few minutes.
  • Micallef
    Don't get me started, Cyrodiil was a nightmare yesterday! Reloadui cleared none of the problems I was having.

    Couldn't move anymore, out of the blue (normal movement with default keys as well as roll were not responding, though fighting was possible for both light and heavy attacks as well as skills) during a fight to take some resources. This lasted far beyond what one would expect from CC, the zerg had long since moved on to the next resource and I was still unable to take even one step. Re-log.
    Came back on to find my group mate invisible. Chevron was there and moving, even got heals, but his character was not there. Re-log.
    Came back on again to find everything back to normal. Yeah right! Doors not working!!! Re-log, but not before submitting a bug ticket for which I never received an e-mail.

    It's amazing how quickly this game can switch from "awesome" to "awful" without so much as a patch or reboot. What we have here is a B-level game with a AAA price tag. Question is, how long are we willing to put up with it.
  • MissKiwiana
    Has been like this pretty much forever. Yep,I do reloadui pretty often during my game play.
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  • Elsonso
    Wow. What server is this happening on (EU/NA?) and is it limited to Cyrodiil or does it happen everywhere?
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  • ZOS_HugoP
    Greetings @Tashira‌

    As you already created a thread about this issue here: Reloading the UI, this one is now closed to avoid duplicates.

    Thank you!
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