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Bugs that came out of nowhere...

Didn't know how to post this in a bug report but for some reason I noticed new bugs tonight - was there a secret patch in the meantime? Anyway:
- shield charge now bugs out even when charging in open ground - you get stuck at sprinting animation and are not able to do anything while mobs or enemy players can have a lot of fun killing you,
- dropping ultimates (such as banner or vamp. swarm) sometimes doesn't work (other spells do work at the time)
- you can't exit some keeps from inside. We're already used to some keep doors not working from the outside, but from inside it's definitely a new (excuse my Croatian) ***

On top of that - here are some more I noticed (reported some earlier): Fragmented shield doesn't clean up so a player ends up with a massive smoke and a rotating ring of rocks under the avatar after some time of playing. Also, you can get stuck with the smoke effect if you play other class and DK buffs you with the shield.

If you do invisible batswarm and swap weapons you will get permanently stuck with being invisible. Example use combo #2, cast swarm, switch to combo #1 - any time you switch to combo #2 you will be invisible. Other players or mobs will see your character, but you will not.
  • TomLukman
    Oh yes - #4 new bug - teleporters in keeps don't work. Previously, we've had situations when we were "in combat" for no reason which was stupid, but now we get stuck with not being able to use teleports for no obvious reason whatsoever - and we get stuck with it forever - this seems to be during the same time while not being able to use gates or posterns from inside btw.
    Edited by TomLukman on August 30, 2014 12:39AM
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