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Feedback on ESO *Spoilers

I don't dislike ESO - I am taking a break from ESO.

You have made a very nice game with some excellent RPG content - Sadly I had to play most of it on my own. The quest phasing system really was well done but felt counter productive if you grouped. The main story was good - striking down Molag Bal was a great "End". At this point I have done it 3 times and sacrificed all 3 companions too :blush:
It never felt right with me however that you forge this great alliance in the main game below 50 content - the entire coldharbor map forging friendships and fighting alongside the other alliances and the end game has nothing to do with it - I felt it was bad design/lore/immersion and tarnished my cyrodiil experience which happened mostly after lvl 50... We just saved the world... lets go f*** it up for each other in Cyrodiil and fight over who is the Emperor - all the maturity we learnt from defeating Molag Bal we quickly forget.

Craglorn lacks personality - I go there to raid only and 90%+ of the map is irrelevant and filled with people grinding and not doing the VR zones you spent so much on in development. What a waste!! Sadly for me very little of TESO embodies the spirit of TES found in its previous titles. You have to go out of your way to find it and then its mostly lifeless.

Crafting is ok, my main is 50 in all professions and was not difficult. Enchanting was the biggest grind and least rewarding - I am sitting on a pile of 30+ Kuta I saved for endgame gear and don't bother using it because the gains are so insignificant over rekuta.... I figure maybe one day I will be able to use them for something worthwhile. Crafting in ESO is .... ..... ..... uninspiring, the best craft I guess is Alchemy.

Balance Balance Balance. I think this is the main reason I am not enjoying my ESO experience. My main was a DK Tank Hammer &Board. At release I could solo 5+ players in Cyrodiil - sure being God was great, but only for a little while. Now 3 is a tough fight while I normally win 2v1. Cyrodiil is becoming a zergball fest and creating alternative content bears no reward compared to the keep/scroll capture system.

In PvE I feel useless in a group. Sure I can tank a boss - but so can a guy in a robe with a stick doing 800+DPS I have 3 toons' and 2 wear light armour and have sticks, I tried to level skills in other weapons and just made playing the game tougher than it needed to be for those builds - I had dual wield sorc for a while and realised I had no dual wield abilities on my bar because other sorc skills were far superior. Fix's applied to skills (burning chains in particular) made a fun skill semi broke. Pulling players off the keep wall was not easy (you had to put yourself in harms way and one slip often resulted in Insta death) but very very fun :P I didnt love the change but accepted it - but the result made legitimate use, pulling a player to you on a hill almost impossible. I don't want a pet for loyalty either.... give me a title, give me a hireling bag.... give me something useful.

As I said, I am taking a beak from ESO - I think the game has a solid foundation and perhaps when the content for the cyrodiil inner city comes out it will add a bit of flavour and meaning to the game. I really do believe the team is close to a masterpiece MMO, you just need to give it feeling you need to give the game a soul. I just feel if I force myself to spend more time in ESO I will loathe it.

I do check these forums almost daily (even though I have logged in only once in the last month) because I still believe it can be great, so I will respond to questions If there are any - yet another boon of contention sadly for ZoS - your might read player feedback - but your reactions from my point of view have been mostly knee jerk to important issues.
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