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BUG - Chillrend Campaign DC side: Cannot get scroll quest

Soul Shriven
It's at least 3 days that I'm not able to get a scroll quest on Chillrend Campaign, DC faction. If someone share it to me I'm able to get and close it but if i go to the Grand Warlord Dortene the only option I have is "Goodbye".
It happen not only to mee... this morning all my group (14 people) was unable to get the scroll quest. One guy logged in his quest campaign and was able to get the scroll quest.
  • Mujuro
    This is also happening on the EP side, but relogging appears to work.
  • Epona222
    The only time I've seen this were when all scrolls were already held by my alliance - meaning there really is no scroll quest available.

    If that is not the case and there is no quest, then yeah that sounds bugged (and a pretty bad one at that), best way to get it logged is to report it in game using /bug.
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