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Feedback on the Cyrodiil Dev Event 8/22/14 (Mac POV)

I'd like to share my experiences from that awesome developer event that took place tonight on the PTS. Did I say it was awesome? :D

I was playing from Europe (DTAG ADSL2). Average RTT (traceroute, ICMP ping seemed blocked): 145 ms.

My iMac (27" late 2013, Core i7 3,5 GHz, 24 GB RAM, PCI-SSD) runs the GeForce GTX 780M with 4 GB of video RAM.

Graphics Settings:
Display Mode:  Fullscreen 
Resolution:  2560x1440
Vertical Sync:  Off
Anti-Aliasing:  On

Graphics Quality:  Ultra High (to begin with)
  Texture Quality:  High (default)
  SubSampling Quality:  High (default)
  Shadow Quality:  High (default)
  Water Reflection Quality:  Medium (default)
  Particle Systems:  1536 (Middle)
  Patricle Distance:  50 (Left)
  View Distance:  100 (default Ultra High)
  Ambient Occlusion:  On (default)
  Depth of Field:  Off (custom, cosmetic)
  Distortion:  On (default)
  Sunlight Rays:  On (default)
  Grass:  On

All in all, I had a fluid gaming experience. I had /fps running, but of course I didn't look much at it in the heat of the battle. Highest outdoor FPS capped around 35, which is in line with what I get as average on live PvE. Average FPS were a fluid 25 - 28 FPS. Lowest I saw was 10 to 12, but this went by quickly without stuttering or hitching. I always had full movement control, and abilities always fired off reliantly. I guess that further turning down Shadows, Particle Systems and View Distance will lift the bottom somewhat, but with my screen resolution there are simple computational limits. One can only hope that Apple will some day take heed of concepts like this one: Approaching Zero Driver Overhead. They're already on the right path with Metal for OpenGL ES on iOS.

Now here's the bummer: about 40 minutes in, I went AFK to tuck my son in. For this, I left the merry slaughter and went into the inner keep of Fort Glademist. When I returned about 10 Minutes later, the client had crashed while idling in a closed environment. To come to its defense, it had been running for 165 minutes before, during which I furiously jumped across the world via Wayshrines, in order to visit and try out different Mundus Stones and to level up Magelight via questing in the VR zones. After this, the frolicking in Cyrodiil started. And it was intense.

I'm not even sure if the crash was memory-related, because mem.current is smaller than mem.peak, and both are way smaller than what I've seen these values being at in the past when crashes due to the memory leak occurred (around 2.7 - 2.8k).

Crash Report:
version = 0.01

ProductName = eso
Version = eso.rc.
char.account = <snip>
char.alliance = 3 = Sanguines Tester
client.executablebits = 32
client.mode = inworld
client.renderertype = OPENGL
client.session_start_timestamp = 2014-08-22T16:55:57.033Z
client.time_since_load = 7446
client.timestamp = 2014-08-22T19:40:35.700Z -frme 336123-
client.uptime = 9878.7 = <snip>
computer.user = <snip>
cpu.count = 4
data.depotid = 3009
data.dir = /Applications/ZeniMax Online/The Elder Scrolls Online PTS/game_
data.syncm = databuild
data.version =
exe.buildnum = 1038434
exe.opt = release
exe.reltype = public
exe.type = client
gfx.description = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M OpenGL Engine
gfx.deviceid = 0.0.0
gfx.driver = 2.1 NVIDIA-8.26.26 310.40.45f01
gfx.vendorid = 0
globby.address =
globby.port = 24507
loc.wloc = 43 277951 31825 272440 26.57 = Cyrodiil
loc.worldid = 43 = Cyrodiil
login.address =
mem.current = 2129
mem.peak = 2272
mem.physical = 24576
os.platform = mac
os.version = 13E28
realm.depotid = 0 = 3009 = PTS
reportfield.ver = 3

All in all, I had a very fun, intense, and overall satisfying experience (DC managed to grab the keep and, well, keep it). Thanks to the devs for doing this, and a very special thank you to our resident Mac developer, whose continued effort to make the ESO experience on OS X great deserves a big kudos! :D
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