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What's with Armor/Weapon Special Sets?

I've been having my main character specialize in blacksmith and woodworking crafts. Now that things are moving along and leveling up a bit, I'm trying some of the special sets that are scattered about Tamriel. I made a heavy armor set of Whitestrake's something or other, but I was only able to do 4 out of the 5 pieces (I think because you need to have done a certain amount of traits previously for each piece).
Anyway, I really wanted the 5 pieces so I could take advantage of the benefits of having complete set, so I did a healing staff and equipped it. So now I have 3 armor, 1 greatsword, and 1 healing staff, but it only shows that I have 4/5 for the set.
I'm wondering, is this because 4 were fashioned by blacksmithing, and 1 was done by woodworking?
  • AlexDougherty
    No, it's because you can only use one weapon at a time, either the greatsword or the staff.

    The set might have jewellery such as rings or amulets, but these would drop randomly from mobs. Or you might need to unlock more traits so you can craft more items of clothing.
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  • Caroloces
    No, it's because you can only use one weapon at a time, either the greatsword or the staff.

    Of course. Thanks so much. It's puzzling to me why they don't have a craft for making jewelry. And yes, the one piece of armor that I could fashion for that set doesn't have enough traits.
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