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Attribute effect

Ill start with a TL;DR for the people with short attention spans:
Placing an attribute point on your character has little effect.
A point in Health, Magicka or Stamina should scale some stats more in order to make characters more unique. It could be a solution for stamina builds.

And the wall of text:
There is almost no point placing points in attributes other then health as the mechanics stand today. The point you place result in 10 points added to your total pool, 15 for health. Magicka scales the damage of your spells, stamina the damage of the physical abilities. Thats it.
Placing all your points in health allow you to use gear to specify what to focus on and mix and match without spending gold to respec your attributes.

The only reason for a point in magicka or stamina is for the complete maxer to squeze a bit more damage from your abilities trading off a chunk of health.
Consider magicka the power of the mind, in traditional RPGs Intelligence, Wisdom, Mentality, Willpower et.c.
Stamina consolidates the traditional Strength, Dexterity, Constitution et c.

Id like to see the attributes actually affect your character more and make them more versatile and unique.
With a limited supply of 49 points It'd be fairly easy to calculate what the most you would gain from them in each stat.
With the mechanic of soft cap in place the attribute point could give a boost for the stats affected, but also raise the soft cap to allow for further enhancement with gear.

It is difficult to propose suggestions without attempting to balance the entire game, Ive rewritten a suggestion 6 times but always end up with stamina QQ.
What matters is that attributes should have a greater impact on your character.
Ill leave this here and hope someone cares.
Attention Zenimax: Stamina builds don't hold up to magicka builds, and this is causing most of your class imbalance. It makes melee weapons and bows weaker than staves and class abilities. It makes medium and heavy armor less desirable than light armor. Fix this imbalance, and you'll address most of your balance issues.
  • Hypertionb14_ESO

    i tried this suggestion before... people got pissy about it sadly.

    i agree that there should be additional effects to placement of attribute points beyond just boosting that stat..

    personally i believe something like this..

    1pt HP = +0.2% Damage Reduction / +0.5% Armor + Spell Resist
    1pt SP = +0.5 Weapon Damage / +0.2% Weapon Critical Chance
    1pt MP = +0.5 Spell Damage / +0.2% Spell Critical Chance

    those values would max at

    49pt HP = 9.8% Damage Reduction / +24.5% Armor + Spell Resist
    49pt SP = +24.5 Weapon Damage / +9.8% Weapon Critical Chance
    49pt MP = +24.5 Spell Damage / +9.8% Spell Critical Chance

    These values might be a bit much, i can see half these values being enough to be worthwhile but this is my general idea to make allocation of Attribute points a bit more important when creating a build.
    I play every class in every situation. I love them all.
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