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Veteran Crypts of Heart, Are there any purple BoP set pieces

I have run crypts of heart around 5 times completely now. I know that is not much but until now the only drops I have got is vet 12 fire, air and martial set pieces green and blue and some other random blue junk.

So I am asking you now, have you found anything comparable to the worm cult set in this dungeon? Are there any purple BoP set pieces with group stats?

In short what I am asking: Is there any point of running crypt of hearts for loot or is there literally only some junk set pieces you can sell and some random purple and blue loot?

I am slowly getting the feeling there is no useful loot to make running this dungeon useful. If my feeling is correct I am really wondering how you can add content to a game without anything useful in it....
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  • Axer

    How they did it?
    Zero insight into good mmo design. Or they simply want everyone to quit the game, so they can move onto the next project sooner.
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