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Twin Blade and Blunt passive(s)

Soul Shriven
I have three main questions.

1)Does the sword passive increases all damage done (including magicka spells) or just Weapon abilities and basic attacks?

2) Does the dagger passive also give spell crit and not just weapon crit?

3) Are the passive bonuses per weapon equipped or just as long as any of the weapon type relative to the passive is equipped? For example, two daggers equipped, does it gives 5% crit or 10% crit?

Best Answer

  • CaptainSilverbrow
    1. Only affects weapon attacks and (I think) attacks that calculate damage based on weapon attack power.
    2. Just weapon crit.
    3. Per weapon; two daggers are +10% weapon crit', just as two swords are +5% damage.
    Edited by CaptainSilverbrow on June 26, 2014 6:48PM
    Accepted Answer
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