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Phishing Scams

  • Unverganglich
    Soul Shriven
    ESO has been out of years at this point. When is two-factor authentication, which would render attempts like this completely pointless, going to be added?
  • robskij
    Soul Shriven
    Besides a well-written normal email, I also got the following in-game mail
    EU | DC | Daggerfall Army
    Kurt Knödel NB, Crank Zappa Sorc, Lord Robskij DK, Dinah-Moe Humm Tempar, Lady Brobha DK
    EU | AD
    Swims-with-Dolphins Templar
    EU | EP
    Rob de Lob DK
    NA | DC
    Robskij Brigene DK, Dina-Moe-Humm Templar
  • Watchdog
    There is a Steam discussion advert for paid powerlevelling. Several Steam user profiles seem to be involved (I noticed it twice in the last couple of days so far, and I reported it to the moderatiors in both cases). At least one of the advertisers claims to be from Ukraine.

    This appears to be a clear scam, as they would need access to the game account of their "customer" to deliver their services, resulting in a possible loss of personal data and/or payment details, not even mentioning the violation of ZOS EULA, preventing any complaints from being taken to ZOS, as this is an offence that may lead to a ban. They also openly admit to plan to use a VPN service to hide the infraction from ZOS, again possibly resulting in a ban.


    I have the whole post copied, including links and contacts, in case anyone from ZOS would be interested.

    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom - Your OP could perhaps use a little update, the link below lists more legit e-mail addresses than your post:
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  • icecb16_ESO
    I got an email today saying my exclusive shirt is waiting. The email looks genuine. But when I put my arrow over the link asking me to login the url reads (i've taken the dots out of the url) bethesdasoftworks cmail19 com .Is that a valid eso email address?

    The bulk of the email says;
    Log in at (If you are unable to log in, please see this help article for instructions)
    Click My Support at the top of the page
    Scroll down to the Codes section to reveal your code
    Head to the Bethesda Merchandise Store (NA or EU) & redeem your code before January 31st.
    Buy your exclusive T-Shirt!

    I tried logging in to my account via the normal web interface and clicking support doesn't show any Codes section.

    So is this valid?
  • Jiigen
    I got the same thing, so I think you're fine.
    But in all honesty, the website "" is considered a not secure website as well and Firefox won't let me get through to it.
    You'd think Bethesda can fix these issues with all of their ESO money.
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  • Herbatio
    i got timed out, maybe gettin close
  • Herbatio
    ahh fook never mind
  • Herbatio
    theres only 1 thing left to do, roll a big fat joint , take a nap and hope these......people fix this .....dung.
  • thecursedgod
    guessing this was a phishing email? got it the same day i was suspended from eso site oddly i didn't have eso+
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