Quest [Soul Survivors] in Coldharbor

During the final conversation with Suronii, after convincing the Orc and Khajiit to join, there is no longer any option to refuse to sacrifice yourself. I had completed this quest before, but I noticed the dungeon was black on my map, so I went to investigate (I finished the zone some time ago and I'm vr5 at the moment).

The quest [Soul Survivors] was available again, so I've ran through it to the end part, and now I am being forced to jump from a cliff or not finish the quest. Last time I was here I could say no to them, and so they would attack me to try to force the issue and make me sacrifice myself whether I wanted to or not. But if I beat them then they were stuck and the Daedroth in charge congratulated me.

That's what I did before, and I'm very upset this quest is apparently being redesigned to force the player to be a dupe and kill oneself for the those random captives to leave. They probably had it coming anyway, since usually these towns get sucked into Coldharbor when their leaders make short sighted deals with Daedra.

I'm just going to abandon it. I beat it the right way before it was broken, so whatever. I hate having quests available places and not doing them.
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  • Joy_Division
    I 100% agree with the previous poster. To make matters worse, I actually abandoned the quest thinking I missed a conversation option, and went through the very LONG and HARD dungeon BY MYSELF, which destroyed my armor durability and a couple grand soul gems.

    I HATE these stealth, unnecessary, oversimplifying changes. Can anyone at Zenimax give one good reason to dumb down something that was not broken, remove choice, and force the player to act in way they may not want to?
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  • Arwyn
    This one didnt reset for me, the one in Auidon did though, havent been there but I guess the decision I took the first time didnt suit how the quest now works. Anoying having to go back and do something again you have already done.

    I liked the choice myself but I got so owned by the three in seconds flat I assumed that they were supposed to kill me, didnt expect you could beat them (although in fairness I didnt actually try)
  • Troneon
    Why did they remove the choice from the quest? That now you can not even fight them if you have to die no matter what...

    Why remove the choice?
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