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Addon Request: Guild Calendar

Soul Shriven
Hey all, was just wondering if anyone out there new of a decent guild calender Addon? I lead a nice little social guild and would love an alternative to a Facebook page to organise meet-ups, dungeon runs etc.

If one doesn't exist, the experts around her should make one ;) I know you can do it!
  • Ferro219
    Soul Shriven
    Addons can not communicate with other players, so this is not possible.
  • zgrssd
    Ferro219 wrote: »
    Addons can not communicate with other players, so this is not possible.
    In this case it is not entirely true. Addons could communicate via Guild Member Notes.
    We are actually having some thoughts on getting something working this way on ESOUI.

    But till we ironed that out it is best to use third party sites with that functionality. I mean I never created a Multcast Protocoll that works via a stringbased medium before and I have to finish my Chat Synching addon first.
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