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is there a guild trader addon for searching recipes you haven't learned?

Going through guild traders looking for only unlearned furnishing plans, motif pages, or style pages through the sea of stuff I already have.
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  • NeuroticPixels
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    I’m not sure which one gives the filter. Probably the 1st one.
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  • kringled_1
    I believe that is part of Awesome Guild Store.
  • Grizzbeorn
    CraftStore (current version: CraftStore Firesong) has that functionality.

    The add-on tracks your entire account, but you can track the various types of recipes, furnishing plans, and motif pages/books per character (you can choose to track or not to track each type for each character).
    It will then show you in your various inventories (character, bank, storage chest) and guild trader search results, via an indicator next to the item, if a particular recipe, plan, or motif page is known on your account, and which characters know the recipe and which ones don't, by mousing-over the recipe/plan.

    A red indicator means that the recipe/plan/motif in question is not known by that character (and possibly other characters on your account).
    Purple indicator means that the recipe/plan is known by that character, but isn't known by at least one other character on your account for which you are tracking that type.
    No indicator means that recipe/plan is known by all characters on your account for which you are tracking that type.


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    • Necrotech_Master
      master recipe list or unknown tracker can give an indicator you need to learn something

      awesome guild store is what allows searching for "not known" (motifs, recipes, blueprints, and other collectibles)
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    • Oreyn_Bearclaw
      Awesome Guild Store is AWESOME. It also allows you to filter for things you haven't learned, motifs, recipes, gear not in your stickerbook, etc.

      When stickerbook first dropped, I set a filter for gear not in my stickerbook with max price of like 1500 gold. Filed pretty much all the overland sets in about a week of casual searching. I do the same with Motifs from time to time. Havent done it for recipes, but come to think of it, its probably a good idea to see how many I could gobble up.
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