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Show me your Khajiit sliders

I would especially like to see facial sliders for female Khajiit! I was surprised I could not find such info to make a character look like Khamira, for instance.

I feel I did something odd in creating my Khajiit but playing with an appearance change, I cannot seem to find what needs to be set right. I thought of posting screenshots, but rather than ask people to troubleshoot for me, I thought it would probably be best (as well as more generally helpful) to ask others to share their slider settings!
  • BlueRaven
    OK I took a shot. I never tried to replicate exactly an ingame character before. I feel I got kinda close, but it still needs tweeking.

    Here is my source material, notice I cannot see her hair, ears, or neck. So I am not showing the sliders for them.


    And here is the result;


    And here are the sliders.


    There is a crease in her forehead I could not replicate.
    And I think her brows still could use some tweeking.

    Anyway, I know this needs more tweeking, but I hope this helps at least somewhat.
    Edited by BlueRaven on 8 February 2023 02:48
  • Araneae6537
    @BlueRaven thank you so much, that REALLY helped! :smiley: I checked and adjusted the sliders but the big one I’d been overlooking was the top one, as I’ve not liked the “heroic” setting for Elven or Human characters and was wanting to give this Khajiit a bit of an innocent kitten look, so I’d had it on soft, but now moving the triangle to in between soft and heroic, along with adjusting some other sliders, fixes the facial shape that was bothering me and finally achieves the look I was going for! Thank you again! :blush:
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