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Show your character!

  • Tenxxxm
    Dremka91 wrote: »
    My Dragonknight Nord - Wolfggar


    Really cool look, could you tell me the name of the wolf mask? Would like great on my barbarian
  • newtinmpls
    BoraxFlux wrote: »

    Little Reef Vipers get big and have an impressive set of fangs.

    I really love this; and I'd love to hear more about her backstory.
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • Sable751

    A Necromancer with a misbehaving cat.



  • Vanya
    Vanya wrote: »
    Stars! Those are the latest as of today!

    Sorcerer Altmer "Limbstarie"Storm-Lady of Sunhold has become my main two or three weeks ago. She is an Altmer Goddess Elemental Master <3 Might become a Vampire. Mages Guild/Psjic Order,Enchanter. She wears her casual outfit Balmora one which in my opinion suits her figure and aesthetically overall flawlessly.

    Her battle outfit is classical Mannimarco CP reward one from my point of view is simple yet so powerfully magical for a Sorcerer. Incredibly well bends in Coldharbour Realm.

    y2gawr4ys80q.jpg Casual
    Battle one is used for intense clashes such are public dungeons,group dungeous,trials or arenas.

    I am not a player that is into custom made outfits, call it laziness, grind to get certain desirable pieces and probably would get overwhelmed.

    Nothing wrong or lazy about using costumes! It was only commented on in the outfit thread since the purpose of the thread is outfits as distinct from costumes. ;) I love the Balmorra costume too — it was the first I bought and used on several characters before I got more costumes as well as outfits to give different looks to each. Some looks are difficult to achieve with outfits, including non-bulky fitted clothing type looks, though I gradually find more pieces to create looks to suit my aesthetic, I still use costumes on many of my characters and really like the Grim Harvester costume for similar to why you like Mannimarco’s I think. :)

    I should upload some pics of my characters... I’m always thinking I need x,y,z first and to take a more amazing screenshot that probably takes add-ons and post production to achieve... :sweat_smile:

    Finally with quite the late response. Yea I have not read more closely, tis indeed outfit , not costumes. Happy you love Balmora one as well. Yes its so much more work and finding appropriate pieces to match your style or aesthetics of the character. They really have incredible offer of costumes. I have acquired Elven Hero one it costed me fortune 100 gems, it means a lot to me, but Mannimarco is iconic, also Dragon Priest currently or Telvanni are great in their own way too. Ha, i May upload more in a different thread. If you check my signature I post daily/weekly in my album as an alternative on Imageshack, it should be public.
    Edited by Vanya on 10 March 2021 17:49
  • Necrosaro_123
    Nurelion Highlock, Champion of Y'free:

  • Vanya
    So hot.

  • martinhpb16_ESO


    Edited by martinhpb16_ESO on 28 March 2021 13:03
    At least the spelling is difficult for you.
    Hew's Bane*
  • Terry_Arquett
    My pve mana-necro)
  • ZiRM
    Since launch... EXCELSIOR!
    PacMan wakka...wakka...wakka....wakka...wakka...wakka....
    ESO Server Status. ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ ) SkåL!!!!!
  • albumoculus

    my new nord tank warden
  • BoraxFlux
    A vortex was created when angry locals interrupted the ritual of a necromancer at an Ossuary, deep in the woods of Malabal Tor, disturbing wildlife and triggering old curses of bones, roots and stones.

    The necromancer never created his bone golem, but the powers that were unleashed that night, fused the corpses of the death-meddler, a werewolf Orc trader and a deer. In his life before the merge, the Orc had a seemingly unnatural stamina for the consumption of beer. Being a perpetual drunk, Aldegast subdues the other entangled spirits, preventing them from ever taking over the mixed-up-husk with a knack for necromancy.

    However, the ferocity of the Wild Hunt can't be stopped by a mere drunk, now and then the werewolf leads, hunting the spirit of the deer.


  • Ley

    Leylith - MagSorc | Leyloth - StamPlar | Leynerd - MagPlar | Leylit - StamBlade | Ley Eviticus - StamDK | Leydor - MagDen | Leylum - StamSorc | Leylux - MagBlade
  • dowkkono
    Pokkono ~ Ash’abah Sun Shaman

    Dow Hunding ~ Dark Brotherhood Blood Assassin
  • aipex8_ESO
    This is Volk Dark-Star, d-bag cousin of my main from Morthal. Nord supremist and all around bad guy... I wanted him to give off a WWII baddie vibe.

  • Lauranae
    Huntress Esmerald

    My most recent characters
    AD - Columba nera NB
    --Gran'ma is away from the game for resting after Covid and 9 teeth removed as she is totally knocked down -
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