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[SPOILER] Bal Sunnar Dialogue and Quest Praise

So I'll absolutely give Scrivener's Hall the award for better dungeon mechanically and aesthetically. However I was blown away by Bal Sunnar's time travel quest!

The small bits like Saresea acknowledging you being a Psijic member, all the way to her far-out dialogue at the end. She talks about how her body and mind are in multiple places and times at once; being able to see her own birth (and ours), being locked away in Artaeum, seeing her own death, and standing in the present. She even gives you a prophetic description reminiscent to the Grand Prognosticator stuff in Clockwork City DLC.

Just another knockout for the wacky/dank lore of ESO. Just wanted to share my praises!
  • TheImperfect
    I also really enjoyed the dungeon in terms of combat and layout and aesthetically but like you said the writing and dialogue superb.
  • Eporem
    are there any videos made of the lore written within this dungeon?

    Edit: I think to have found one..(Spoilers:))
    Edited by Eporem on 8 April 2023 15:51
  • HappyTheCamper
    I doubt it yet since it’s so new, but idk maybe!

    I just like the Psijic Order. They’re probably my favorite faction.
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