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XBOX servers going down durring event?! AGAIN? >_<* WHY?

Why does it seem we have maintenace during every event? Why is it happening? do we get extra time on the time we lose? I play late nights and it seems every event has this so i lose time farming.... i understand if something is broken but atm i dont think there is anything EXCEPT the voice chats which are broken and they have neglected to fix those over a year now? This game went from a super social game to a impersonal troll based text chat.... sorry bout the rant.

if anyone knows the reason behind this and most/all maintance during events id like to know, please?
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  • jaws343
    I think in this case, it is more that the event is running during maintenance. This is just a regularly scheduled maintenance as far as I know. And they can only push events or maintenance so far, it is more likely that they will always overlap at some points throughout the year.
  • ZOS_Kevin
    We normally have a regularly scheduled maintaince period, regardless of an ongoing event running or not. We understand this can be frustrating during an event, but these are often things we cannot push to a later date, as they are important to the overall health of the game and online player safety.
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  • Stanx
    It was only like 2 hours...
  • ZOS_Bill
    As the Xbox maintenance from this time now completed, we have decided to close the thread going forward.
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