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PTS Update 34 - Feedback Thread for High Isle (Zone, Quests, etc)

  • Maitsukas
    saf227_ESO wrote: »
    Can anyone tell me how to get to Amenos the first time? Is it only through a quest, or is there a boat or something you can take regardless of questing?

    There are boats at Gonfalon Bay and Dufort Shipyards (north side of High Isle), that can take you to Amenos Station. Or you can ask in the zone chat for a free teleport.
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  • kaushad
    Are that many women in Amenos Station supposed to have shaved heads? I thought it might be something that the prison warden do, but it's unusually widespread there.
  • FeedbackOnly
    Too me the ecology seems not as well done as base game zones. I don't see special creatures unique to the zone. I don't see new plant life

    The ambience is off too. Looks at the ship wrecks. I don't feel like I am walking in a place of history

    There's a lack of guiding the eyes that art team used to do better is missing.

    Also the sunflowers are not the right shade of yellow.
    Edited by FeedbackOnly on 4 May 2022 23:53
  • phantasmalD

    • Updated maps to include icons that indicate boats that allow travel between the islands, as well as back to the mainland.

    Only two boats are marked on the map currently, the boat to Amenos from Dufort Shipyard and the alliance boatswain in Gonfalon.

    Currently existing, but not marked, are the boats from Amenos to Dufort, from Amenos to Gonfalon, from Amenos to Gofalon Docks and from Gonfalon to Amenos.

    I'd also like to suggest adding a couple more boats between the island's ports for immersion and playability:
    Port Navire, Dufort Shipyard and Gonfalon Bay.
    • Gonfalon - Port Navire
    • Gonfalon -Dufort SY
    • Dufort SY - Port Navire
    • and perhaps Gonfalon - All Flags Islet

    Also, I'd like to renew my request for a wayshrine somewhere around Stonelore Forge and Craft:
    Do you have any other general feedback?

    For the most part High Isle has pretty good wayshrine coverage, but there's one major deadzone (outlined with red):


    Without the red outline:

    This area has 4 notable POIs, most notably the delve, Shipwreck Shoals, but also the WBs, Faun Falls and Serpent Bog, and the Stonelore Forge and Craft set station.

    Since these are repeatable daily objectives an additional wayshrine covering at least a portion of this deadzone would be greatly appreciated. Somewhere around Stonelore Forge and Craft would be a decent location for one as that would service the upper 3 POIs just fine.
    Edited by phantasmalD on 10 May 2022 20:30
  • Serenez
    I will buy but have not yet gotten around to purchasing the new Chapter so I am not able to check this latest PTS patch. When I was in the Outlaws refuge last week, I have two points to mention.

    1. I could not access any of the provisioning stations or those that appeared to be provisioning. Typically there is a functional one in most Outlaws Refuges. This may have been resolved with this patch and if so then disregard.
    2. I was checking out the guild store in the Outlaws Refuge. Although the floating books look nice with the animation, I found it quite distracting while trying to browse the store with those floating about in the back ground. I was using gamepad and maybe the experience looks quite different on PCUI. I also have mine set to a very large scale so this may make a difference compared to what others see. Even if the animation could stop while browsing it may help. Others may not find this to be a distraction but I guess it would depend on how long you were shopping lol. Has anyone else checked this out? Do you find it distracting? Not sure how many people stopped by this vendor, but this is at least my feedback :)
  • Kelinmiriel
    Serenez wrote: »
    I will buy but have not yet gotten around to purchasing the new Chapter so I am not able to check this latest PTS patch.

    You can still test. The patch notes say you can't, but I watched some of the "Tribute Tuesday" Bethesday Twitch stream, and Gina mentioned on it that the reason for change in access is that they're testing access this time - that people who haven't bought it can't get there.

    But Gina also said that creating a max-level template character grants access to High Isle.

    "Check that," she said, "and tell me if it doesn't work that way." So I did. She's right.

    (I pre-purchased High Isle quite a while ago. But I also have a second account that doesn't get anything, so I checked on that one.)
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