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Streamers with Regular Live Shows - Sound Off!

Community Manager
We'd like to help spread the word about the recurring livestreamed shows that you, the ESO community, hosts and creates. If you have a show you'd like us to consider for regular social media promotion, please reply to this thread with the details, day and time it airs, and a link to previous episodes.

Thank you!
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  • MissBizz
    I'm not sure of the exact requirements you are looking for. Although I do not have a concrete schedule as others I feel I stream something a bit different.

    [EDIT] I have now hard scheduled Thursday evenings 7-9pm MDT (9-11pm EDT) [/EDIT]

    Regular Times: 11am-2pm MDT Saturday and Sunday
    I also regularly stream in the evenings on weekdays, although this is random.

    I stream to give others an idea of what a casual non-elite person can achieve and have fun in ESO. I like to show the insane amount of fun that anyone can have when they do not have the "best" build, or have not yet achieved "end game". I do not stream PvP as this is not of interest of me, but can be found streaming dungeon runs (regular and veteran), public dungeon runs, skyshards hunts, or just general immersive questing. is where you can find past episodes. As well I will be live tonight for some immersive questing and some possible dungeon runs at 8pm MST.
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  • yodased
    I'm on most days 7pm - 11pm. Usually dungeons/trials

    hero is on every day usually pvp

    Thats it for the dungeon dweller streamers ;)

    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • lumithelock
    Teso Nation Podcast every Sunday 8 pm est talking about the new info from the past week of eso and having a good time.
    Edited by lumithelock on 26 February 2015 23:52
  • Brizz
    I would stream 24/7 if my computer could handle the large fights my guild likes to throw themselves into :P I need to upgrade my computer!! I do stream good pvp from time to time though when it is manageable.

    I'm going to try and stick to a regular daily late night schedule:: 1:00am-5:00am PST

    Edited by Brizz on 28 February 2015 23:46
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    Watch LIVE @
  • Elloa

    Edited by Elloa on 8 August 2015 10:07
  • TheMavShow
    PM- LIVE: Everyday at 4pm est!!

    Live gaming updates here:

    Hi there everyone! All stream times will always be announced a few hours in advanced on Twitter! My intention is to show people how fun this game is and that you don't have to be the best of the best to get a kick out of being and feeling ELITE!

    COME PLAY!! See you in Tamriel!!

    Edited by TheMavShow on 15 July 2015 16:45
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  • Evarwyn

    We record once a week, at 9pm EDT (Check out website's schedule for time/date)

    ESOTR Is Live On Our You Tube Stream Channel, Here:


    Our Latest Episode on
    Edited by Evarwyn on 15 September 2015 05:50
  • Lady_Ase
    Greetings from Tamriel,

    I stream The Elder Scrolls Online on Wednesday noon - 5pm EST and Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm EST at:

    To watch my previous episodes, check out my YouTube channel at:

    For more information please visit my website at

    Hope to see you in my live stream,

    Lady Ase
    Edited by Lady_Ase on 4 March 2015 22:25
  • HeroOfNone
    Yoda already covered me but

    Hero of None - daily 9 pm -1 am (assuming the kid is sleeping). Content from degeons, PvE, Trials, and PVP. A mature channel, due mainly to my ring and off color comedy. Come in and ask questions, chat, or sit back and enjoy =3
    Herfi Driderkitty of the Aldmeri Dominion
    Find me on : Twitch | Youtube | Twitter | Reddit
  • Ebonwind
    Starting next week (3/23/15) I plan on streaming regularly on Weekdays from 2pm-4pm EST with Krimie Nighvale and Friends. PVE, Trials, PVP and Role Playing! magic, music and puppets may also make regular appearances during loading screens.

    Edited by Ebonwind on 17 March 2015 01:45
  • Lefty_Lucy
    I stream small scale (non-zerg) PvP content, usually around 8pm CST. Sometimes I'll stream PvE (dungeons) depending on my guild's need for a tank.

    I also have numerous PvP guide and gameplay videos on youtube (see link in my signature).
    Edited by Lefty_Lucy on 26 March 2015 13:05
    Competetive small scale PvP'er.
    GM of Afterburner - DC small scale PvP guild

  • Dragon8X
    Soul Shriven
    Few my gameplay video clip:
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - My …:

  • xclipsez
    Soul Shriven
    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to ESO and been at it from release on Xbox One. Currently playing and streaming Dragonknight leveling.

    Always looking for people to hang out, friends and hopefully group up with people around my level.

    I will be streaming consistently the entire week with around 8 hour sessions. Hope to see you guys there! Good luck and have fun in the world of ESO!

    I stream on twitch @
  • Poetent_Allfather

    My stream schedule varies, as my current occupation doesn't have the most steady schedule. I stream at night from 9 PM till about 6 AM. Starting hours subject to change, due to having 4 children. We primarily stream our PvP festivities, but we also do PvE, answer questions, and can be caught theorycrafting builds as well.
  • Yaegur
    Soul Shriven
    MLG Streamer Streaming ESO!

    Help me become one of the biggest streamers on MLG as we discover all that ESO has to offer via MLG.TV/YAEGUR. I stream during the mornings from 9AM-2PM EST and also 6PM-1AM EST. It's always fun to play while enjoying good company. Feel free to give me tips and suggestions in real time.
    Follow me MLG.TV/YAEGUR for entertaining Elder Scrolls Online gameplay.
  • TheMavShow
    Friendly bump reminder!! There are a ton of amazing personalities and people having fun and ESO at any given time! Don't forget to check out the official

    ESO twitch channel page!!! Come play!!!
    Edited by TheMavShow on 15 July 2015 16:50
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    Maevic Bio
  • Pichon617
    Soul Shriven
    Hello ESO fans/players I live stream daily 9am est thru 3pm est
  • reynard131
    Soul Shriven
    My twitch TV gaming site

    Regularly after 5 PM Eastern time weekly.

    12 PM to 12 AM unless something else comes up.

    Also looking for players to collaborate with the channel to add chemistry or humor.

    Have two teamspeak servers with access.

  • Elloa
    Just wanted to use this thread to warn everyone that usually follow me, including our dear @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_MichaelServotte @ZOS_JasonLeavey

    I'm testing seriously YOUTUBEGAMING Livestream this month of Septembre in regular ESO show 3 times a week. So I'll be completely missing from TwichTV.


    You can watch the replay of my past stream on my Youtube channel or directly on my YoutubeGaming page >> here <<

    More explanations about this in my Vloggy Vlog


    Edited by Elloa on 4 September 2015 06:36
  • Searc6
    Soul Shriven
    Oh hello! I didnt even know this was here. Thank goodness I just now got my forum invite.

    Well, I am Searc and here is my chanel:

    I currently stream Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 3:30pm PST (+8 to Paris France) however I live In Arizona, US. which does not follow daylight saves like the rest of the US so we dont technically have a time zone, so I suggest double checking AZ time to your time because its hella confusing.

    I stream via Youtube gaming and I am a small channel and would love some more company during my streams so I am not talking to myself for 2+ hours.

    My goal in life right now is to be able to stream content full time. I would also love to start a show with some of you other great personalities as well and always looking for suggestions on how to improve the quality of my stream over all.

    Oh, and I made this yesterday, which will give you and idea of the type of person I am:

    You stay classy llamafrens!
  • LastPrussian
    I try to stream ESO daily starting at around 9PM PST to midnight. Sometimes I start much earlier, it all depends on how the day goes. I quest and run as many dungeons as possible. I can't afford to do any giveaways at this point (I lost my job two weeks ago). I stream mmorpgs exclusively. I live in Vancouver, Canada. 41 year old father of one. I run the Sinister Savant guild.

    My Twitch Channel
    My Hitbox Channel
    My Youtube Channel
    OGCryptor on Xbox Live, twitter, Facebook, streaming on
  • Carterboy254
    Hello my fellow twitches and streamers I host gameplay of all kinds of games such as Elder scrolls online, Battlefront, Rainbow 6, 2k, COD, and many more. While streaming I offer gameplay tips, and guides on anything in game, and try to answer all questions. Please follow me and come watch me stream from time to time. My twitch user name is OHMYITSSLIM usually streaming everyday and will start to hold giveaways once I get to 100 followers. Tell everyone to come watch me stream. Thanks guys.
    Gt on Xbox One: OhMyItsSlim

    Hello My fellow Gaming brothers && sisters I host gameplay of all kind of games such as ESo, Battlefront, Rainbow 6 siege, 2k, COD, and many more While streaming I offer gameplay hints and tips on anything your heart desire such as combos, money making tips, fast grinds etc. I will answer all questions and absolutely love all my viewers. All I ask is that you come watch me stream from time to time and tell your friends to come watch and follow my Twitch and twitter.

  • Shimmer
    Hey all! The "Differently Geared" Will be starting some regular shows. First is going to be fridays at 7pm EST "Friday Night Fun Runs with the Differently Geared".

    Link to the event:

    and our youtube channel is here
    Edited by Shimmer on 4 January 2016 00:39
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    Mistakes must be carelessly planned.
  • Crucifer
    Feel free to grab anythig you like
    More to Come :smile::smiley::blush:
  • Crucifer
    cxnb16_ESO wrote: »
    Feel free to grab anythig you like
    More to Come :smile::smiley::blush:

    Ah only streams... sorry!
  • lathbury
    I stream most days starting in the morning having a break at about midday CET and then resuming at about 7pm CET. I stream all sorts usually starting with daily stuff heists pledges etc to dungeon farming pvp or trials in the evening.

    heres an example was having mic issues but you will get the idea
    Edited by lathbury on 10 April 2016 14:27
  • Jackaleen

    this is mine =D not long started but i stream every night =]
    Edited by Jackaleen on 8 April 2016 18:38
  • Wild_squirtle
    Wildsquirtle92 on twitch @wild_squirtle in game pc NA.

    Going to start streaming at 3:15 pm est. Till around 10pm est monday thru friday.

    Will help teach maelstrom,pvp,trials. Also will entertain with the ridiculous conversations of my core group!
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