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Wood-elf, Dragonknight, Archer?

anyone think this is a good character line? this is what im running on one of my mains, and im lvl 16 so far at not much gameplay, prefer solo-ing quests and doing good so far...wondering if i should make a new one just in case this combo would suck end game?! help please =d
  • Sihnfahl
    What skill line of DK?

    Oh, and DK archer? Eh. Lotta DK skills and up front and personal, not conducive to bow.
  • dungya
    mix between Draconic Power and Earthen Heart, just reached level 15 and have been switching between bow and 1h and shield (or should i skip that and go to 2h?)
  • dungya
  • dungya
    I have since changed my skills and weapons to a Destruction Staff and a 2H, and kill mobs like a boss.
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  • Chiefwilliams
    I made a wood elf Dk last night for bow and 2h late game pvp, but I'm goin to level using aoe etc, reason I picked wood elf is for the increased exp with bows, that way when I get high level it won't be as hard to level bow up for pvp instead of tryin to keep it equal to my level as I pve. That's just my reasons for it tho, I have a nb I was going to use for archer ganking but the dk can do the same thing nb can with it but better I think, due to having more reliable defense and melee capabilities if they don't die before reaching you.
  • thomas.manzellaub17_ESO
    IMO High Elf DK Archer would be better. They have increased fire damage.
  • Lynx7386
    It's dark elves that have the increased fire damage.

    Anyways, not all dragonknight skills are anti-range. Draconic talons is a great rooting ability for kiting enemies as an archer, and stonefist is a good mid-range knockdown. Dragon blood (green dragon blood in particular) is an awesome self heal and the stamina regen bonus it conveys will let you fire off weapon attacks more often. Even lava whip can be useful as an archer.
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  • dungya
    great opinions guys! thanks =)
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