We will not be having our regular maintenance for the North American and European Megaservers on July 31.

Die regulären Wartungsarbeiten für den nordamerikanischen und den europäischen Megaserver am 31. Juli werden nicht stattfinden.

Nous n’effectuerons pas de maintenance hebdomadaire sur le Mégaserveur nord-américain et sur le Mégaserveur européen le 31 Juillet.
The maintenance is complete, and the European megaserver is now back online and available. Thank you for your patience!

Die Wartungsarbeiten sind abgeschlossen. Der europäische Megaserver ist wieder verfügbar. Vielen Dank für eure Geduld.

La maintenance sur le Mégaserveur européen est désormais terminée, le Mégaserveur est à nouveau accessible. Merci de votre patience !

Patch Notes v1.0.4

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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.4 features fixes to existing content. This is the second patch this week, and addresses the high priority fix of missing bank slots, stored bank items, and missing skill points. We’re continuing to work hard on other issues, and will let you know when they are fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where your characters could lose bank expansions you purchased, including the items in these slots.
    • Note: This will not return any items or slots lost prior to this fix. If your character was affected, please contact Customer Support.
  • Addressed an issue with guild invites that could cause latency with social systems such as guild chat, player-to-player chat, and long loading times.

  • Changed the functionality of auto-stacking in guild banks. You will now have to stack items in your inventory before placing them in the guild bank.
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